Daily Archives: July 17, 2010

Packing Tape: Not Just your Sealing Buddy


One important thing you should have either at home or at work is a packing tape. To give justification to the said statement, let me enumerate few things this wonderful invention can do to you:

  1. Packages- you would definitely use a packing tape in sealing this important box especially if you’re sending it out for shipment. More or less, you got important stuff in there and you wouldn’t want it to be out in the open, unless the recipient has it on his hand. You can put important note on the box to be sure that it will be handled with care. There are packing tape in the market which has a ready-made print like “Handle with Care”, “Fragile”, “This side up” and the likes.
  2. Broken things- sometimes accidents do happen even in your up most care. You may accidentally drop that beautiful frame or your child’s favorite toy. Standard printed adhesive tape can come to the rescue. With a durable and strong hold kind of tape, broken things can be fixed with the use of it.
  3. As labels- there are plain and wide packing tape you can write on with the use of special pen. Packing tape turned into a labeling material. Stick it on a file cabinet, boxes use for filing and anywhere you need to.
  4. Speck remover- I don’t know about you but I use packing tape in getting rid of those small particles like dust or specks on my cotton clothes especially if it colored black. How? Just use a wide spaced packing tape and dabbed it into your clothes and that’s it! Now check out the sticky part of it and you will see those tiny thingy on it.

There can be lot of things you can do with a packing tape if you will just look beyond its intended purpose. What I said a while ago is just plain and common function of a normal tape. In businessmen s point of view, packing tape can make wonders to their business, if properly use. Visit printed tape place for more information.