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Newsletter titles are of great importance; they are just as important as any other element of the newsletter. Some newsletter publishers unwittingly dismiss newsletter titles as unimportant. But this is not true because the first thing your prospects encounter is the title of your newsletter. If the title has a good impact on them, they may decide to sign up for the newsletter. If it does not, they will simply walk away.

What makes a good newsletter title? Good titles have several characteristics; they are brief, descriptive, catchy, etc. your title need to be short; long titles are hard to remember and therefore hard to circulate. Your readers may not be able to communicate your newsletter title to their peers because they cannot remember it. By making your title reasonably short, you kind of facilitate their task and help them spread the word about your newsletter.

The title should also be descriptive, that is it should give the new visitor an idea of what to expect after signing up for the newsletter. People will not give you their contact details which are their email and first name unless they know that you are giving them something of value in exchange. You need to make sure that the prospect has an idea of what they are going to get after subscribing to your newsletter.

When we say that newsletter titles must be catchy, we mean they should tempt the visitor into subscribing. They should make them excited about the things that they are going to receive after signing up. This by no means suggests that you should lie to them. If you do so, you will have a large number of unsubscribes. So try to fulfill your promises. Try also to keep your content of decent quality if you want your subscribers to stick around.

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