Make Your Correspondence More Professional with Custom Printed Envelopes and Letterhead

No matter what business you are in, custom printed envelopes and high quality letterhead will ensure that your business correspondence is professional and impressive. In spite of the fact that fewer people are writing letters for personal use, businesses are still heavily reliant on the postal service. From promotional mailings to sending invoices, even small businesses will often send a significant amount of mail to existing and prospective clients each week. With customized stationary, you can ensure that your clients know that the mailers they receive are official communications from your company and can help reinforce your company’s name and marketing message. No matter what type of business you run, there are a few things that should always be present on your custom designed stationary.

On everything from envelopes to paper, make sure that your company’s name is clearly displayed. In most cases, companies choose to use their full, legally licensed name in order to imbue the communication with a bit more weight. Of course, take extra care to ensure that your name is spelled correctly and that you have selected a font which makes it easy to read. To make your design more eye catching, include a logo that customers may associate with your business. Logos should be small and single color to keep the look of your letters clean and professional.

Depending on how large your business is, some choose to include the names of corporate leaders on their letterhead as well. At law firms, it is common to include the names of partners and other companies, such as public relations firms or talent agencies often choose to take this tack as well. Others with a slightly different corporate structure may decide instead to list the names of all their C level executives, including the CEO, COO and CFO. Their inclusion does not necessarily mean that the letter came from their desks, it is simply meant to indicate that it contains the official position of the company that they represent.

Letterhead and custom printed envelopes may be order through most office supply stores. Office Supply Information can help you order all the paper products that you will need for the coming business year. Do keep in mind that these items may take some time to print, so it is advisable to order them in bulk to ensure that you always have enough supplies at hand. With custom designed stationary, all your business mail will represent your company well.

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