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Business cards that work best are a mixture of well thought out decisions of card stock, colors and the texture of paper. People can observe a business card by sight or by touch. The design of business cards templates should focus on these concepts. The design of plastic business cards can be the base for the sale.

The more features the business card has the better it will look. Most clients look at the front and back of business card logos. This would be of great benefit for the business owner if there is something useful to be seen on the back of the business card. Several features of business cards can be used to gather attention.

For starters, there are many different kinds of stock paper to choose from. These stock papers come in many different textures. The better quality stock can be used with embossed business cards. The better quality stock also comes in many colors. Being the base by which the other designs will be applied, the card stock is one of the most imperative factors when deciding on a business card format. The quality of the card stock is an indicator of the quality of the company.

When the card stock is chosen the other designs of the card can be decided. The fonts of the card are important. To many different font types can make the card look cluttered, while not enough font can make the card look bare. The images and background are also an important part of the card. The text should be brief and state the message of the company in a nice way.

The artistic business cards that work best do not go in the trash. A business card logo is a virtual sales person that can bring business for years.

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