How to Create a Double Sided Business Card

It is often said that first impressions matter a lot in the corporate world and as such it is important to have a double sided business card that not only details your contact information but also a small map on how to locate your business premise. Due to technological advancement in software development, it is now possible to come up with different designs, i.e. clear business cards.

Whereas, a majority of people often contract professional graphics designers to design and print cards on their behalf, unknown to them is that they can save on this expense by creating their own personalized cards from the comfort of their offices or living rooms. All that is needed is to have desktop publishing software such as Microsoft Publisher, Corel Draw or Adobe PageMaker. For the purpose of this article, we’ll look at how to use Microsoft Publisher to design and print business cards.

Load the software by going to start on the taskbar. In the popup menu point to all programs then click on Microsoft Office. In the resultant menu click Microsoft Publisher. From the task pane that appears on the left side of the screen, click on business card. This will display for you a number of templates from which you can select from. Double click on any design you want personalized. To change the background color, font scheme and styles, click format from the menu bar.

Change the contents in the card design to suit your own, i.e. business logo, business name and contact details. This will only form the contents for the front face. To create the contents for the back face, from the menu bar click insert and in the drop down menu click page. Format the page by adding background color and any other details you want to appear there.

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