How To Use Corporate Promotional Items To Grow Your Business

Corporate promotional items are one of the most efficient methods for drawing attention to a business. Everyone loves free stuff, but few actually realize just how profitable such a small investment in promotional goods can be. If you have an established business, or are just looking for ways to create a buzz, giving away stuff for free is a surefire way of attracting clients.

Think about every time you have received a pen, t-shirt or tote bag for free after visiting a merchant or service provider. At the time you probably didn’t notice you were being marketed to subliminally, but every time you use that free item, you subconsciously notice their branding. Even still, over time, you begin to recognize and trust the brand of the particular company who gave you something for free.

Many business owners think that expensive goods are more appealing than cheap promotional items. In all actuality, most people aren’t that picky when it comes to getting something for nothing. You don’t have to invest in those weighted, felt tip pens after all the cheap ballpoint pens will do the job just as well.

An even better idea than giving away corporate promotional items is to raffle them off. Create goody bags filled with inexpensive items as an incentive to visitors, clients, or paying customers. Items such as balloons and t-shirts also work as walking billboards for your business.

Business cards and direct mail are both great ways of getting in contact with potential customers, but promotional goods leave a lasting impression. Because these items have a primary purpose, people will be much more likely to hold onto them for longer periods of time. The fact that you are subliminally promoting your brand will not be a standout factor.

While simple items can be given away on a regular basic, specialized goods such as champagne flutes and candles should also be included during dinners or banquet parties. A beautiful place setting with a candle bearing the name of your company is great for casual conversation. Not only will you impress current and potential clients, you will also leave them with a way to get in contact with you in the future.

Imprinted promotional items don’t have to be expensive, bulky or lavish in order to drum up more business. The more items you give away, the better chance you have of new and repeat business coming your way. With as much money as you spend on traditional advertising, you might as well try out some promotional items.

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