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Poster Frames: Its Great Advantage


Poster frames are commonly used in business. If you are planning to have your own business this is one of the effective materials for you to keep your business on the loop. It helps protect your cheap vinyl banners from wind and other calamities that hit your area. When you use this frame your advertisement will not easily get destroy because it has a support side by side. Through this you can save a great amount of money because you will not need to change your poster from time to time. It also helps your business become successful because many people can read your advertisement. You know quality is very important when it comes to materials that you have and this is one sample of good a quality, because when you have this your banner will become clean and organized. But aside from business poster frames they can also be a great advantage for schools, offices and home use. Here is some information:

Some schools advertise their school vision and mission as well as the courses they offer. This frame is a great advantage because their cheap vinyl banners will be protected from wind and rain that affects the quality of the banner. This is also used to prevent the banner from tearing apart. Although it is made from quality plastics it is still prone to damage especially if it doesn’t have a support.

In other offices this frame helps them to place the posters in properly. In order to save space in the office they prefer to place it in the wall. This is a good idea knowing that it organizes the beauty of the place. This is also serves as the decoration of the office. There they put their important company announcements and promos. This is a good method in preserving the company’s achievements when it comes to business and civic achievements.

In our home this is also a good material especially if the family decided to have a garage sale. Of course for you to gain more customers you have to make a banner. But you have to make it attractive to customers so that they will be encouraged to buy.

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Guerilla Marketing Techniques for Your Home Business


If you have chosen to follow a work-from-home career path, then you are most likely a freelancer or a small business entrepreneur.  In either case, you could probably use some marketing strategies to generate leads and drum up profits.  You are also just a one-man team; in which case it is impractical and unnecessary to invest a huge cash outlay on an advertising campaign.

For micro and small-scale business, guerrilla marketing is definitely the way to go.  Guerrilla marketing refers to unusual and unconventional marketing strategies to generate buzz about a particular product or services.  Guerrilla marketing does not rely on financial investments in order to be successful.  Rather, it requires time, energy and imagination on the part of the marketer to come up with maximum results while using minimal resources.

To use guerrilla marketing as a strategy for your own business, you must first take a look at your company and its characteristics.  The focus of guerrilla marketing is on developing a campaign strategy that is best suited for your particular range of products and services.  While there are no hard and fast rules, the guerrilla marketer must consider how the business relates to its consumers.

Here are some applications of guerrilla marketing principles:

  • Viral marketing – the spread of videos, photos and other digital information through social networking sites
  • Reverse graffiti–  the method of creating temporary images or messages on walls and other surfaces by removing dirt or graffiti.  The desired message or image is basically formed by the clean spaces.  This is a sustainable, eco-friendly method of advertising, and its use in urban locations is becoming popular.
  • Presence marketing
  • Grassroots marketing
  • Buzz marketing – generation of new contracts through word of mouth and referrals;
  • Undercover marketing – uses subtle product placement;
  • Astroturfing – imitates grassroots popularity through strategic press releases and company updates;
  • Experiential marketing – promotes the products by allowing consumers to interact with it;
  • Tissue-pack marketing – hand to hand marketing strategies such as giving away free samples for tasting;
  • Wait marketing – the use of opportunities on occasions and places where consumers are waiting and are thus receptive such as in doctor’s offices, in line inside a ladies’ room or at the DMV.

Reaching your target market can be achieved by paying attention to their characteristics and spending habits.  An understanding of what consumers want and need is crucial to marketing your product.  It must also be said that the success of your enterprise does not end with successful marketing and infiltration; in order to sustain any successes achieved, the products and services must be intrinsically satisfying as well.

This article was written by Joana Chrystal Ventura-Moises, our resident expert on plumbing and shower screen installations.

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