Daily Archives: March 28, 2011

Google’s Effect on Your Reputation


Since their humble beginnings in the early 2000s, blogs have become a staple of the internet. No longer are they just personal journals about the life of the author. They are targeted websites with specific subjects and are now some of the most popular websites in the world. With this in mind, Google has recently tweaked their search algorithm to make blogs more prominent in the results. Given the current popularity of blogs, there is a great deal of information available in blog posts that Google would like to help bring into the limelight.

Finding Your Business in the Blogosphere

The Google Blog Search is a special type of Google search query that only looks for your keywords on blog posts. If you can find blogs that relate to your company, you may want to consider using the Google Blog Search in order to find links and websites that are relevant to your business. If you are looking for what people think about your business you may be able to find people’s opinion about your business on a blog. This is key to finding out what people really think about your business and formulating an online reputation management strategy.

Being Proactive with Google Blog Search

As a part of your reputation management program, you may want to consider having your company start its own blog. This is a great way to connect with the people that you are serving and make them feel as if they can build a personal connection with your company. When you do start your blog, you will want to make sure that it can be found through popular tools such as Google Blog Search. If you aren’t able to find your own blog, how can you expect anyone else to?  You want to encourage conversation with the blog comments, but watch out for spammers. Many times the commenters aren’t really trying to converse with you, but are instead trying to advertise their own website by using he comments on your blog. There are some automated tools that can help with this problem, though they will all require a bit of human supervision.