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What Is Tax Lien Investing?


As its name implies, tax lien investing is a form of investment that makes use of tax lien properties. Tax lien properties are properties with tax liens because the owner of it has unpaid tax balances to the government.

When an owner of a property cannot pay its tax dues to the government agency, the government’s action for that is to put a tax lien on the property. Additionally, the government can forbid the owner of the property from selling the property to another without settling first the property’s unpaid taxes. When this happens, the owner has options from which to select. For one, he can sell his tax lien and lose the property. Secondly, the owner can find a tax lien investor who will lend him a money for paying the property’s unpaid taxes. A tax lien investor can be an individual person or a company.

When finding a tax lien investor, it is important to look for a reliable investor who will be willing to transact in a legal way. Else, when the transaction will be out of the law, the owner might just be gathering more problems around him.

What will happen is that the investor will be a creditor who will lend the property owner with the amount of money that he needs. Of course, he will use the money in settling his tax payable. At some determined future time, he should be able to pay the borrowed money plus the interest to the creditor. The property will be used to secure the debt. Mostly, payment is made by installment. When we say installment, the whole payment period is divided into shorter periods at which the debtor will pay certain portions out of the whole amount.

Yet, the investor has another option too. If he no longer likes to receive the payment in an installment basis, he can sell the cash flow note to another. The cash flow notes are the instruments that evidence the indebtedness of the debtor to the creditor. The note’s selling price varies because of a number of affecting factors which includes the appraised value of the property and the credibility of the debtor.

First Impressions Are Everything, Especially in Business


It is not hard to tell that people always judge people by their first impressions. This is what makes the first minute or so of an encounter so important, especially in the business world. It is possible to win or lose a client or sale because they did not get a good vibe from you. Here are a few things you and your business can do to make a great first impression on your potential customers.

Great office environment and furniture

Most people over look this when it comes to first impressions, but if you are inviting potential clients over to your office for meetings or sales presentations it is important that your furniture and environment give off a great first impression. You don’t need anything too fancy, a great work area and a small conference table will do the trick. Be sure you have all the right equipment in place before they arrive to look more professional. There is nothing worse than sitting around conference tables and waiting on your host to get ready.

Maintain eye contact

Maintaining good eye contact is also very important for first impressions. It shows that you are listening and also alludes to your confidence. Make sure to connect with eye contact to ensure they know you are paying attention.

Have confidence in yourself and your product

Do not be intimidated and make sure you have confidence in both yourself and what your product or business. Make sure you know what you are talking about inside and out.

Firm handshake

This is often the very first impression people get of you. Make sure you have a nice firm handshake as it will go a long way in the business world.

Although first impressions do mean a lot when it comes to sales and business, it is important not to overdo yourself. Being confident and looking fake are too totally different things and the latter can be easily noticed.