Daily Archives: April 21, 2011

Effective Traditional Marketing Strategies


Many business owners today think that online marketing is the only name of the game when it comes to generating interest and attracting the most numbers of customers. Actually, traditional offline marketing can still work like magnets and when done correctly, they can make your business grow to a range which can’t be beaten no matter what online marketing technique you use. First of all, offline marketing strategies utilize methods which have more personal appeal. Second, there are already offline marketing techniques which had been proven effective even if they are already considered traditional.

Here are some of the top traditional marketing strategies you can apply for your business.

  1. Fresh From The Mailbox Mails – Sending physical mails to a pre-approved list of people can do wonders for your business. When people regularly see information about your business first-hand, you create awareness for your business which in turn can turn into sales after a brief period of time. By sending out professionally and creatively made newsletters, you are already branding yourself according to the content of your mails. Establish a growing list of contacts by encouraging your customers to fill-up an information form in exchange of an incentive or a token.

  2. Flyers and vinyl lettering signs – Flyers are one of the legendary ways of advertising your business. Colorful flyers with rich information about your business can really make a hard pull to potential customers. You can easily put flyers wherever you want but make sure that they don’t end up in trash by making them not only attractive but something that can easily catch their attention in the first glance.

  3. Local Newspaper Advertisements – The power of newspapers are still unbeatable and they can reach areas and target people which no online newspaper can tap. When you advertise on a local newspaper, make sure that you are being published on newspapers which have high credibility. You want your customers to trust your product and the first step is by being endorsed or being written by a credible publication. You should also choose the right type of newspaper according to your business category. For instance, if your business caters to people who are always looking at the current economic conditions, it will be wise to post an advertisement to a financial type of newspaper.

  4. Business Cards – Don’t leave your home without your business cards and give them only to those people who are worth it. Business cards should contain the closest way to reach your business and the most available lines to call you. Business cards, as humble and as little as they may seem to be, are the most convenient means of introducing your product or service to anyone and they are also the best way for people to remember you. On times that they need something critical for themselves, your business card will be on their pocket and you should always be ready for their call.