Social Media In Digital Out Of Home Advertising

In the future, there will be a huge integration of social media and digital out of home advertising.  Here is why:

The reason most companies are switching a majority of their marketing budgets to the web is traceability.  You can now see exactly what results you are getting for a specified price or budget.  You know exactly how many times your ad is viewed, and who is viewing it.  This sort of analytical mastering is what advertisers are looking for.

If digital out of home advertising is to thrive in the future, there has to be an integration of social media…


For example, digital signs in line to get your morning coffee that allow you to add the company on Facebook.  This interaction would provide advertisers a traceable way to participate in the digital out of home advertising space.

This approach would be even more interesting if applied to a gas station.  Now, as customers pump their gas, they could interact with a digital sign, opting in to social networking connection and even email subscriptions.

These are natural evolutions of the DOOH space, but how long will they take?

My guess, is that in 5 to 10 years you will start to see these touch screens showing up at various locations.  First at gas stations, then at stores, and eventually almost everywhere.  With touch screen technology these days, and the release of the iPad, it seems that this must happen.

While Digital Out Of Home is more exciting than traditional billboard advertising, it is doubtful that new age advertisers will utilize it’s benefit without traceability and more in depth analytics.  Once that is mastered, you will see digital signage thrive.

Until then, companies should brace for the future of advertising by preparing social media campaigns that may be integrated with DOOH and other advertising mediums.

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