Classified Ads: The Secret Affiliate Marketing Method

There are many different ways of earning affiliate commissions, but one affiliate marketing method is taken right out of the old-school marketing manuals. The method I’m talking about is classified advertising.

Remember those courses you could buy that promised to teach you how to make extra money by placing ads in magazines and newspapers? That method worked then, and it still works today. The only difference is that classified ads are a lot less expensive now, since online advertising like Craig’s List and eBay Classifieds, among others, have come on the scene.

Whether you are placing an ad online or in offline print media, classified advertising works best if you have an ebook or special report to offer that includes your affiliate links. Once you have an ebook or special report, simply place a compelling ad in your local paper or favorite niche magazine. Remember to keep the ad short and engaging, and include a link to download your report or ebook.

For example, if your ebook is about dog training, you might place an ad in the section of your local paper that lists pets for sale. The ad could read something like this: “Housebreak your new puppy in 3 days using this FREE eBook. Download today from ”

Your ad could also drive traffic directly to the affiliate sales page, but there a few disadvantages to this. First, you might find your conversions are a bit lower than if you warm them up with some great information first. Also, an ebook or special report gives you the opportunity to present several different affiliate offers, not just one, to those who download it.

Although offline classified advertising in local newspapers, magazines, and other print media is a largely untapped market these days, there are numerous classified ads site on the Internet also. Many online classified ads sites charge fees for running ads, but some free classified ads sites allow this type of ad placement. But, as with all affiliate Internet marketing methods, be sure to read the terms of service before placing any advertisements.

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