Catchy Business Name Ideas Can Grow a Product

When starting a new business, choosing a name to call it is crucial to the success of the venture. Potential customers will know you by this name. And since these customers will likely do business with you for a long time, you need a catchy business name idea to market your product. This unique name is what will catch potential customers’ eyes when they peruse the yellow pages or search online for your product. Hence, finding the right name for your business is very important.

A common way of naming a business is using the initials of the business owner or owners. Though this may sound practical, it is actually a not very good idea since the name is likely to be forgettable and will say nothing about you or your home based business ideas. For your new business to succeed and to immediately get off the ground, you need to make a first great impression on your customers. You need to communicate the idea that their needs will be satisfied much better and faster if they do business with you instead of your competitors.

Some home based business ideas also play on words or slangs popularized by the current culture. When the culture changes as it often do with age, your business may suffer a setback as well. If you name your business after movie titles or phrases or even slang words this will not only date your business but render it out of touch when those titles, phrases or slangs become obsolete and are no longer in use.


Another mistake is to choose a name which is very similar to your competitors. Using words like “Professional” or “Quality” may sound accurate but they tend to be forgotten when a dozen or more of your competitors are already using the same name.

More often than not, the best catchy business name ideas have to do with the sort of reputation you want your business to grow on when it starts serving your customers. When you find this quality, then think along the same line for a business name that will embody this ideal. If you want to convey “quality”, then think of words that will express the same meaning. You can also play on words but make sure they are simple yet make a memorable impact on your customers. What you want to avoid is choosing a name that will not stand the test of time.

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