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The Pros and Cons of the Catering Business


Running your own catering business is a great way to make a full or part time living, but it does come with some disadvantages. Knowing the pros and cons before you start can help you decide if this is a good business decision for you.

Advantages of the Catering Business

Catering is an enticing job choice to many because it carries a great profit potential. A good caterer can make a lot of money even when only working part time. Catering also appeals to many because it can be run out of the home. Caterers rarely need a separate office space if they don’t want one. Additionally, start up costs are generally low. Any needed equipment can often be rented for a cheaper price than buying. Catering works great for people who are looking for a part time job. Stay at home moms and dads, or people who already work full time find catering appealing because of the ability to only take jobs when you have the extra time. For people who like to cook and are creative, starting a catering business is an excellent job choice.

Disadvantages of the Catering Business

Catering does have some disadvantages over other part time jobs. While a caterer usually only works when he or she wants to do a job, each job can be extremely time consuming. Depending on the type of catering done, a caterer may spend many long hours preparing for and working on an event. This can be very taxing for the person who is trying to cater part time. Caterers need to be extremely organized and willing to work in a high-stress environment. Those who don’t do well under pressure probably wouldn’t take well to catering. The caterer also needs to be prepared to deal with difficult clients and fulfill odd orders. Finally, catering is much more labor-intensive than other work from home jobs. The caterer must be prepared to spend long hours on his or her feet. If this doesn’t appeal to you you can also look into other work from home jobs such as internet marketing or starting an ATM machine business.

The fact that there are many disadvantages to catering means that it isn’t for anyone, but for many successful caterers the pros outweigh the cons. Knowing ahead of time any difficulties you may encounter can help you determine if starting a catering business is worth it to you.

Instant Marquees for Outdoor Use

For outdoor marketing and sports activities, large tents with open sides are most commonly used. These large tents are called marquees, and they are often used for certain functions such as exhibits, sports events, and sales caravans. There are different available sizes and colors, depending on your preference. These marquees are especially to be strong and sturdy, and they are generally easy and convenient to use.


Most companies that hold a marketing and sales events outdoor prefer to have a customized marquee, with the company or product name and logo printed at the roof of the tent and on both the side walls to promote maximum exposure and effective means of advertisement. The BigTop Shades offers a service of full color digital printing to instant marquees to customize it according to the needs and specifications of the customers.

However, for those who do not really require customization, there are readily available units in different dimensions and colors to choose from. BigTop Shades marquees are available in two different series: the Classic 32 and the SUPAShade 40 series.

The Classic 32 series provide convenience and they are easy to set up. In fact, you can make these units stand strong and steady in just 60 seconds even without the use for extra tools. Classic 32 series are available in Aluminum Complete and Powder Coated Steel Complete Units. They come at different sizes and dimension, and there is no doubt that with various choices, you can truly find the one that would best suit your needs. A complete unit means that the top, frame, carry bag, guy ropes, and stakes are included.

The SUPAShade 40 series provide ultimate stability and performance. It has a super strong legs and ultimately strengthened truss bars that provide the highest level of security against wind and rain. It is available in Aluminum Complete Unit, which comes at five different sizes, folded dimensions, and weight.