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My 3 Favorite Ways To Make Money From Home


There are a lot of scams out there on the internet that promise to make you thousands a day. Well if you have fallen for some, and I sure have, then here is a list of ways to make money from home that I have used and know will generate income. I’m not promising you’ll become a millionaire, just that you can earn some extra money.

  1. Make money from home with eBay
    This was my introduction to make money from home. I started with making my own personal account and bought stuff first, which I recommend you do so you understand the buying process. I then sold digital items to people and made some great relationships with that. Next my dad and I worked at selling flash cards. Ebay now has PayPal that they own to help with buyer protection as well. Test this option out for selling miscellaneous items and getting a feel for internet auctions.
  2. Make money with Craigslist
    Craigslist is great for doing a yard sale without the yard. You can find stuff for sale or for free here and the quality of products is very good. The sales market is broken down by area so if you dont find what your looking for try another area. If selling then just know your selling to your city, though you can post in a larger one if your willing to ship or what have you. No fees to sign up nor any fees to list items.
  3. How to make money with blogging
    Many people enjoy talking with others and letting them know what they are doing. Making a blog lets you do just that. By adding information that others are looking for you can build traffic to your blog and get sales for products you have listed or just earn a commission from things like Google ad-sense.

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