Organizing Business Cards Step By Step

Organizing Business Cards Step By Step

You will need a three ring binder, binder dividers, and card file sleeves to complete the eHow business organization plan outlined below. Make sure the binder sleeves are not wider than the binder itself. Get a few extra supplies for future cards that you want to organize. And compare the prices at different stores to get the best price on your products.

Collect all the business cards that you have. Check places like your wallet, purse, desk drawers, glove compartment, etc. You’ll want every important business card when you begin organizing them.

Get the three ring binder mentioned above and make sure that it is large enough for the number of business cards that you want to organize. A two inch binder is the generally best solution but smaller sizes can be used if you do not plan to collect too many cards over the years.

Get your plastic sleeves and make sure they match the binder that you have. Place the sleeves inside the binder and then divide the sleeves with the tabs you have purchased. Alphabetical makes the most sense for the order of your tabs. Having tabs of different colors can also be helpful for organizing categories. Have some extra tabs on hand for future groupings.

Place the business cards into the sleeves, either one per slot or back to back to conserve space. It becomes much easier at a later time to pull them out if they are only one card to a sleeve slot. Place a big old label on the front of the binder when you are done.

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