Business Cards in a Wed 2.0 World


Business Cards in a Wed 2.0 World

A company called DUBMeNow has invented the #1 way of the future to exchange contact information, via Mobile Phones. The phone application called DUB receives 500 new user downloads a day on good days and allows Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Android cell phone users to quickly exchange information. The business cards of the past will be a long for years to come, but digital contact information exchange is what excites most tech savvy individuals.


Likewise LinkedIn, the business social network, has developed a phone application for the iPhone and the Palm which works in a similar way to DUB. The application should be available to Blackberry users soon. The advantage of the LinkedIn application is most business professionals that are networking already have a LinkedIn account. And there’s no need to update the contact information in the future when people change jobs because the account owners update their own details.

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