Want More Referrals? Find More Ways to Refer


I am a business man. I own my own law firm. I’m a DUI attorney. And I spend at least half of every day thinking about ways that I can expose my business to more people, keep those that have already worked with me remembering that I exist, and keep those that are currently working with me happy. I’m basically looking for ways to generate referrals.

There are people out there that will tell you the only way to get business is to give your card out to as many people as possible. Even people you don’t know or are just meeting. This means grocery store clerks, someone you run into on the street, and the person that you buy your coffee from. I say go on ahead, it can’t hurt. But the chances of you getting a referral from that person are almost zero.

Why is that? Well, it’s pretty straight forward if you think about it. For most people, a referral is a vote of confidence. When people refer one person to another they are saying “you can trust this person to do their best for you.” In many ways it is a vote for your services. And people aren’t going to cast their vote for you if they don’t know you.

So, how can you expand your referral network? How do I get people to call me when they need a DUI lawyer? Don’t look for more ways to hand out your business card. Look for more ways to get business cards. And then start working to hook up those in your network with others in your network that can help. In many ways it’s as simple as referring as many people as you can to as many other people as you can.

Why does this work? Easy. When you refer someone to someone else, you are telling both of those people that you trust them. You trust the person you are referring is going to be a stand up client, and you trust the business you are referring them to is stand up. In no time at all you’ve just gained two friends that are going to think of you the next time they have a chance to refer someone to you.

To get more referrals, you’ve simply got to find more ways to refer.

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