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Want More Referrals? Find More Ways to Refer


I am a business man. I own my own law firm. I’m a DUI attorney. And I spend at least half of every day thinking about ways that I can expose my business to more people, keep those that have already worked with me remembering that I exist, and keep those that are currently working with me happy. I’m basically looking for ways to generate referrals.

There are people out there that will tell you the only way to get business is to give your card out to as many people as possible. Even people you don’t know or are just meeting. This means grocery store clerks, someone you run into on the street, and the person that you buy your coffee from. I say go on ahead, it can’t hurt. But the chances of you getting a referral from that person are almost zero.

Why is that? Well, it’s pretty straight forward if you think about it. For most people, a referral is a vote of confidence. When people refer one person to another they are saying “you can trust this person to do their best for you.” In many ways it is a vote for your services. And people aren’t going to cast their vote for you if they don’t know you.

So, how can you expand your referral network? How do I get people to call me when they need a DUI lawyer? Don’t look for more ways to hand out your business card. Look for more ways to get business cards. And then start working to hook up those in your network with others in your network that can help. In many ways it’s as simple as referring as many people as you can to as many other people as you can.

Why does this work? Easy. When you refer someone to someone else, you are telling both of those people that you trust them. You trust the person you are referring is going to be a stand up client, and you trust the business you are referring them to is stand up. In no time at all you’ve just gained two friends that are going to think of you the next time they have a chance to refer someone to you.

To get more referrals, you’ve simply got to find more ways to refer.

Internet Marketing Software – How To Use It For Massive Online Profits



In the past, people have used the internet for purposes of mere enjoyment, but now many are beginning to turn it into a legitimate source of income. Lots of hobbyists turned internet marketers have developed skills that allowed them to turn their online business to a booming success. At last, internet marketers are being treated seriously in the business world. The time has come for us to thrive.


Internet Marketing Group's Logo

Internet Marketing Group’s Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you are a former internet enthusiast turned into an active online business owner, it is very important for you to do a lot of market research about your target audience. Spending many months and years identifying your target crowd and marketing strategy is a vital key to massive profits. Luckily, you can now use internet marketing software to quickly do your much needed marketing research.


Even if you are new to the online business world, it is easy to learn the nuts and bolts of effective marketing research. Lots of user friendly Internet Marketing Software have been developed during the past few years and are now available for you to use. Through the use of these kinds of software, you can initiate well planned marketing campaigns with specific and measurable results.


Here are some types of internet marketing software that can help you attain dramatic success online:


Keyword Research


  • Some type of programs are created for discovering popular keyword searches around the world. Knowing the most popular keywords is important because it will save you lots of time and effort. By knowing the phrases and words that people are actually typing into the search engines, you’ll be able to “read” the mind of your target audience.  Once you uncover the right keyword phrases, you can tailor make your advertising campaign based on those keywords. To make this process easier, you have to use keyword research software.




  • There are also types of internet marketing software that lets you protect your online website content, articles, and files. Plagiarism and copyright infringement is a growing issue in the internet nowadays. Lots of people are trying to earn money the wrong way, so they copy your articles and web content. By using protection software, you will be able to shield your website content from any plagiarism, hacking, and copyright infringement.


Email Marketing Campaigns


– Building an email list of prospects for your business is vital for your online business. Studies have shown that sales increase as prospects are contacted on a regular basis. To do this online, you need an email marketing software better known as an “autoresponder”. The autoresponder is a unique tool that gives your website visitors and interested prospects a chance to leave their contact info. Once they leave their contact info, they will be contacted automatically by your autoresponder software. This makes the follow up process easier and enables you to make sales even if you’re not there personally. Some popular email marketing brands are Aweber and Getresponse.


Link Building Software


– Creating “backlinks” is a basic concept in search engine optimization. The more websites that link back to your site, the greater your chance of having your website listed on the top pages of the search engine results. This only means one thing for you — more website visitors and more sales. The easier way to build backlinks is to use link building software, which automates your link building process and allows you to exchange links with high authority websites.


Information Management & Organization


– These types of internet marketing software allow you to organize, customize and publish your website content. The cool thing is, there are free and paid options available. For example, WordPress was just a typical blogging platform in the past, but now it can be used to design webpages and actually incorporate the design into your own site. It is an example of a “free” software that allows you to organize your website and make them easily available to viewers.


Choosing the right internet marketing software that fits your business needs may take some time. You need to do your homework and start a little research. Search product reviews about different brands and evaluate each software product before committing your precious cash. Don’t expect to find a particular software that contains all the capabilities that you’re looking for. Just choose the ones that are most reliable and will get the job done. Another good suggestion is to research on what other people in your niche are using. You’ll get an idea of what is best and which works effectively.


As a word of advice, make sure you don’t get scammed. The internet is full of hype and some websites promise a lot but deliver little. Most reliable software programs out there can be bought with some sort of money-back guarantee. These guarantees are important to ensure that you get your money’s worth.