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Customer Relationship Management is important to any small business or large corporation.  CRM is a widely known strategy implemented to keep in contact with a company’s current book of business and prospective new clientele.  While there are many programs on the market today targeting all industries, businesses want to find the best CRM software at an affordable price.  With easy availability on the Internet for both reviewing and purchasing CRM software, it has never been easier to make an educated business investment with a reputable company.  With effective CRM software, businesses can reduce operational costs, increase profitability and implement beneficial processes geared to a company’s bottom-line.

One such provider of CRM software is InfusionSoft.  Voted the best web-based CRM program for small businesses in 2009, many loyal companies implement this comprehensive and reliable CRM tool.  With several awards under its belt, the InfusionSoft program has continually received high acclaim from financial experts in all industries.  Among the features included in this software, the program provides support for all sales transactions, customer details, order history, payment plans, and lead tracking just to name a few.  With a successful following, Google and several others are using the advanced integration InfusionSoft offers.  If you feel your company can benefit from the processes offered, try InfusionSoft for free online.

Another lead name in CRM software is PlayBookIQ, formerly known as LeadsOnRails.  Like InfusionSoft, this is a web-based CRM tool that manages and organizes contacts and sales prospects for ease of business.  With their unique tracking system, prospects will be automatically routed through the sales process leaving more time for the sales team to close transactions.  With easy customizing and versatility, this is rated the best CRM software for the price costing only $12 per user per month.

For companies that rely highly on email marketing, Relenta may be the perfect CRM program balancing customer relationships and automatic email initiatives.  With a strong following, the creator has made it extremely easy to combine CRM tools with Outlook and other business applications for quick and effective marketing.  Sign up online for a free trial, or dive right in for $25 per month per user.

According to the CRM consulting guide, a company’s existing book of business is perhaps the most important way to cross and up-sell.  If customers have already built a relationship with your company, they are more likely to refer friends and family and turn to you in times of need.  Be sure to stay in contact and always keep your name fresh in their minds with the best CRM software programs on the market today.

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