Are All Business Opportunity Leads Fraudulent?

“…Plastics young man.” This famous line from a well-known movie was one of a few business opportunity leads of the time. Simply put, business opportunity leads are potential business investments that are presented as highly profitable. They can run the gamut from the name of someone who is looking to buy the product that you are selling to an opportunity to invest in a new technology that will revolutionize something.

Would you Buy a Used Car from…?

The problem with business opportunity leads is that they are more likely to be an opportunity for the person selling the idea than the person buying it. The worst example of this is the MLM or Multi-Level-Marketing business opportunity. Leads are generally related to sales opportunities. Just do a Google search for “business opportunity leads” and see what comes up on the first several pages of results. MLM’s are usually pure sales business models.

You might be offered the “opportunity” to sell the latest organic weed killer; the opportunity will not be in the sale of the product but in recruiting others to sell the product for which you will earn a part of their commission. They then in turn recruit others, they earn a percentage, and you will earn a smaller percentage of the sales of those persons as well.

A through analysis of this business model reveals it very similar to the famous “Airplane” or Ponzi scheme. In fact, there are more sites on the web offering to sell business opportunity leads that actual business opportunities. What they are selling are lists of people that have indicated their interest in business opportunities! This should tell you all that you need to know. Are there any real business opportunity leads? Yes, there are, and they can be very profitable.

Making Lemonade

What if you develop a sideline business activity that you believe others might be interested in? A list of business opportunity leads might just be what you need to interest people. There are also individuals that would be interested in a product that you could sell that you would find on these lists and use the information for marketing purposes. Ninety percent of business opportunity leads are lists of people that have expressed interest in business opportunities that may be online jobs work from home start-ups. Finding a use for them without having to participate in shady business practices is possible and is accomplished every day. Not every business opportunity is a fraud.

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  1. This is good general advice. I would also say that it’s important to be able to gauge the working style of your customer and to make adjustments accordingly.

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