What is marketing research process ?


Many people are involved with marketing research surveys on a daily basis and the marketing research process steps do not come into play at all, but a project would be far more effective when carried out in according to a proper plan so that everyone knows what the next stage of the process is, which makes it less random. There are definite market research process steps that have made it easier for market researchers.

International marketing research process steps are altered slightly for the market and the customs of the people of the particular country concerned.

There should be a team and before and after every step the team could liaise and see how the progress is going, analyzing along the way instead of leaving everything until the end. This way the team could give each other input and also encourage each other. There are six steps in the marketing research process.

The first step is to define the problem. The team should meet and assess how they should best go about the survey to meet their needs, taking the background and market amongst other things into account.

Next they would find how to approach the problem. This would come from lots of team discussions and studies from previous cases.

Then they would design questionnaires and plan how they would go about distributing them and the methods involved.

Data Collection is probably one of the most important steps. Then they would  have to decide if you are going to do personal interviews or computer based and internet research or it could be telephonic. This would be what works best for the company.

Data Preparation involves editing of all the data into the computer so that it can be analyzed. This is done as accurately as possible.

Report Preparation and Presentation is the final step is the report that is established from the findings from all the data. All the steps are necessary to complete and should be done in an orderly fashion for the process to be effective.

Marketing Research Process

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