How One Person Can Destroy Your Business Reputation

Somehow, you, one of your employees or maybe even a family member has managed to make an enemy.  It could be a customer, it could be a competitor who wants to fight dirty, or it could be someone with a personal vendetta.  You wouldn’t think it was possible for a solitary antagonist to do a tremendous amount of damage, but more than one business has been assassinated by a single sniper.

The Power of the Internet

If someone is determined to damage the reputation of you or your business, the internet is a powerful weapon.  There are numerous sites where an angry, vindictive person can go to spew their poison.  None of what they say has to be true to accomplish their goal.  All they have to do is say it frequently.

There are hundreds of websites online that are designed solely as a place for angry consumers to vent.  Sites like Yelp, Pissed Consumer, The Squeaky Wheel, and Ripoff Reports, just to name a few, are the perfect venue for your enemy’s diabolical plan to be put in motion.  All they have to do is spend a few hours posting nasty remarks about your business and the damage can be done.  Never underestimate the power of the internet, especially in the hands of a hostile person who is dedicated to hurting your online reputation.

Put On Your Internet Armor

You don’t have to be completely vulnerable to these attacks.  You can protect yourself from one irate person or a group of them by practicing strategic online reputation management techniques.  The secret is to have an abundance of positive content already in place online.  Your best defense is a good offense and by compiling a website, a blog, relevant articles, and links to other quality sites, you can beat your enemies at their own game.

If you’re unsure how to build your online defenses, consider using the services of an online reputation management provider.  They can help you learn self-defense techniques or do the job for you.  It really is a small investment to protect your business from online attacks by one angry person.

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