Three Reasons Why I Use Promotional Water Bottles To Promote My Business

In this difficult economic environment, small businesses are looking for more cost-effective ways to get the word out about their products and services. One of these cost-effective ways involves the use of promotional water bottles in advertising. Promotional water bottles are bottles that have your business logo and contact information either engraved on the bottle, or imprinted on an adhesive label that is attached to the bottle. They work great if you use them properly. In this article, I will discuss three reasons why I like to use promotional water bottles for my business.

Water Bottles Are Used A Lot In Public

Water bottles are being used more and more as people are constantly on the go at their jobs, and when dealing with family obligations. In order to stay hydrated, these busy people carry water bottles with them so that they can drink while they go on about their business. Because of their frequent usage, I like to hand out reusable promotional water bottles at trade shows and to existing customers. These people will then use the bottles in public, where others will see my business logo and phone number on the bottle. If they are in the market for what I have to offer, then they may write down the information on the bottle and give me a call. I’ve gotten quite a bit of business from using this method of advertising.

Promotional Water Bottles Work Better Than Business Cards And Ink Pens

The thing that sets promotional water bottles apart from more traditional promotional items like business cards, is that people have a use for the bottles. If people use the bottles in public, then that translates into more public exposure for my business. The problem with business cards is that the people you give them to will often put them in their wallets and forget about them. Or, they might even get lost or thrown away. Promotional ink pens are reusable for a while, but they’ll run out of ink and end up getting thrown in the trash. Promotional water bottles, on the other hand, can be used indefinitely, so they serve as a longer-lasting form of advertising.

Promotional Water Bottles Are Fairly Economical

Contrary to popular belief, promotional water bottles don’t have to cost a lot of money. You can purchase these bottles with your logo on them for less than $1 apiece in some cases. And, some suppliers only require a minimum of 75 bottles in order to get the best available pricing. Just like the window privacy film that I installed a while back, promotional water bottles have always worked for me from a risk and reward standpoint.

Cost-effectiveness, frequent public usage, and advantages over business cards are three of the reasons why I like to use promotional water bottles for my business.

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