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Five Tips for Better Marketing


Marketing has long been critical to the very survival of the vast majority of businesses. Good marketing can ensure that a business is noticed by its target audience for all the right reasons and can direct potential customers to the company.

Conversely, bad marketing has the potential to damage the reputation of the company or at least fail to direct potential customers to the business. Every business should therefore be interested in improving their marketing techniques and making sure that they are taking full advantage of the marketing opportunities available to them.


Efficiency is essential to good marketing. The business wants to generate the most interest in its products and services for the lowest price. Services such as promotional texts and voice calls have the potential to reach a vast target audience at a relatively low cost. Once the message or voice recording has been created it is simply automatically distributed on a large scale.

Global reach

It makes good business sense for companies to invest in marketing techniques which have access to significant global markets. For example, mobile phone networks and social networking websites have billions and millions of subscribers respectively. Making use of such potential would be more efficient and more beneficial than a technique with laser scope.

An indirect approach

While direct marketing does have its place, indirect marketing can also prove to be beneficial. By using modern avenues of telecommunications through techniques such as surveys and competitions the business can access a market which may not be as responsive to direct marketing. Such methods are more subtle but do provide the company with much needed positive publicity.

A personal touch

While attempting to personalise a marketing campaign can pull in the opposite direction to creating an efficient marketing campaign, an effective balance can be achieved. For example, if the company were to send voice messages a generic template could be used but with an element specific to each recipient. That way the business can enjoy the economies of scale of mass marketing but still make each recipient feel valued.

Follow market trends

While there is a general trend toward mobile communications within the field of business marketing there are more subtle trends within this general field. Currently, many businesses are focusing much of their energies toward marketing through social networking websites. With millions of users worldwide and access through mobile phones the potential market is impressive.

However, when it comes to business marketing it is important not only to be able to determine which means of marketing would be most effective at present but to also predict future market trends. By doing so, the company can remain ahead in the field of marketing and be able to react instantly when a different avenue of business marketing becomes more relevant to the company. In this manner the business can ensure that it remains at the very forefront of business marketing and can draw people to the company.

Article by Crispin Jones for Collstream. If you want to send voice messages or promotional texts, click here.

Adding Company Credibility


For any who have ever searched the web for specific answers and had to jump through loopholes and do backflips in order to find anything reliable it is easy to understand how impatience can take over when looking at websites. Because individuals can easily navigate between pages with a simple click of a button, they must like what they see or they will not stay for very long. Web copywriting can help to keep these individuals on pages through the utilization of the right tactics. A company’s credibility is based on a couple of factors. Those companies that provide several different proofs acknowledging their experience in their field or in the service they provide are sure to be able to hold surfers’ attention longer. Also, those companies that have articles, blogs, or other types of text or content that is clear, authoritative, and sure are those that are able to keep surfers on their page long enough to provide adequate information and spark curiosity in what they provide. Both of these factors rely heavily on those with strong writing skill sets, which are easily provided through web copywriting services. Finding those that can write articles, blogs, and so forth in a confident and clear tone greatly increases the chances that individuals will look on a page and stay there to learn more.

One of the biggest mistakes, as well as one of the easiest to fall into, that companies can make is having a page or article riddled with poor grammar and misspelled words. Though these are easily fixable, they are sometimes overlooked if a deadline becomes more important than a revision process. In this instance, web copywriting can also help with editing and revising services in order to help get articles or blogs online on time in proper shape. Because these services are important with establishing companies as serious and credible, it is clear that copywriting is helpful for all that take advantage of it. Whether writing original content or revising what has already been put up on a website, or is on its way, these copywriting services are able to help companies ensure that their information is correct, clear, and confident. In this way, consumers are able to more fully invest both their trust and other implements that will allow a company to continue running and growing as well as better provide services to consumers. Through all of these opportunities, companies will have the chance to establish themselves as serious and legitimate companies simply through informational articles and blogs. All in all, these copywriting services can do nothing but benefit a website, blog, or general keyword search that a company provides.

So if you are in the market for company credibility, look no further than some good web copywriting to get the job done efficiently and quickly.

Three Reasons Why I Use Promotional Water Bottles To Promote My Business


In this difficult economic environment, small businesses are looking for more cost-effective ways to get the word out about their products and services. One of these cost-effective ways involves the use of promotional water bottles in advertising. Promotional water bottles are bottles that have your business logo and contact information either engraved on the bottle, or imprinted on an adhesive label that is attached to the bottle. They work great if you use them properly. In this article, I will discuss three reasons why I like to use promotional water bottles for my business.

Water Bottles Are Used A Lot In Public

Water bottles are being used more and more as people are constantly on the go at their jobs, and when dealing with family obligations. In order to stay hydrated, these busy people carry water bottles with them so that they can drink while they go on about their business. Because of their frequent usage, I like to hand out reusable promotional water bottles at trade shows and to existing customers. These people will then use the bottles in public, where others will see my business logo and phone number on the bottle. If they are in the market for what I have to offer, then they may write down the information on the bottle and give me a call. I’ve gotten quite a bit of business from using this method of advertising.

Promotional Water Bottles Work Better Than Business Cards And Ink Pens

The thing that sets promotional water bottles apart from more traditional promotional items like business cards, is that people have a use for the bottles. If people use the bottles in public, then that translates into more public exposure for my business. The problem with business cards is that the people you give them to will often put them in their wallets and forget about them. Or, they might even get lost or thrown away. Promotional ink pens are reusable for a while, but they’ll run out of ink and end up getting thrown in the trash. Promotional water bottles, on the other hand, can be used indefinitely, so they serve as a longer-lasting form of advertising.

Promotional Water Bottles Are Fairly Economical

Contrary to popular belief, promotional water bottles don’t have to cost a lot of money. You can purchase these bottles with your logo on them for less than $1 apiece in some cases. And, some suppliers only require a minimum of 75 bottles in order to get the best available pricing. Just like the window privacy film that I installed a while back, promotional water bottles have always worked for me from a risk and reward standpoint.

Cost-effectiveness, frequent public usage, and advantages over business cards are three of the reasons why I like to use promotional water bottles for my business.

Sample Marketing Research Proposal Structure

Many marketers choose to use a sample marketing research proposal as the blueprint for their own documents. This is worth doing at least to get the template structure. However, you should initially start out with a planning and objective-setting meeting to establish your own goals.


Marketing teams would be well advised to actually start out planning this market research work by having meetings to identify the objectives of the research. Establish why such a body of research will actually prove important to the company, identify all the different costs that are going to be involved as well as the different methods that we used for doing the research.

In parallel to doing this you can start planning out the structure of your proposal using a sample marketing research proposal document. You should start out with an overview providing some context with information regarding the research or the environment in which will be studied. The one point which management will be wishing to see is a clear definition of what the objectives of the marketing research actually is. Your previous brainstorming session should have already flesh this out so you should give a detailed this quite clearly.

Next, include sections detailing what research approaches are going to be used. If these are different to previous methods you have used then you may need to go into extra detail regarding data analysis, survey methods, etc.

Management will also want to see what of reporting expectations your setting. Research teams need to understand the importance of communication the workplace and how the frequency and reporting structure they use will actually help inform management decisions about the research work being done. In many cases, it does actually provide an additional channel for reporting issues regarding the research in order for them to be more rapidly resolved.

The marketing research proposal finishes with your budgetary estimates and any recommendations you’re proposing.

How to Advertise your New Business


Advertising your business is an important part of generating sales. If you didn’t advertise your products and service, there is very little chance that you would succeed as a new business start-up.  It doesn’t take a lot to create a successful advertising campaign.  If you don’t have much money for advertising, there is still a lot that you can do to promote yourself to those who need your products and services.  If you want to learn how to advertise your business without spending a ton of money, read on.  Put yourself out there for the world to see and if your company is quality, you will get results.  Creating a low budget advertising plan is not as difficult as you think.  Here are some examples of things you can do.

Post card advertising

Personal mail is an open door for advertising.  First you need to get a list of addresses. You can get this from an agency, or you can get it in the form of referrals from your customers.  Take that list and send a post card every month to each of those addresses.  Make your post card bright and hard to miss with a clear message on the front.  Be sure to include your company’s contact information.  People can turn off the TV and tune out bill boards, but they usually take the time to read a post card that is personally addressed to them with a short message on it.  You’d be surprised at how many sales inquiries you will get from diligent post carding.

Using the telephone as an advertising tool

Use the telephone as a marketing weapon!  Make phone calls to your customers and ask for referrals.  Tap into the power of referrals and ask each of them for referrals.  Phone calls are the most successful method of promotion there is.  Just make sure that your calling staff has good customer service interpersonal skills.

Car Advertising: The Other Marketing Option


While there are many resources that businesses can use to get their marketing message out to the public, one that should be considered by companies that sell locally is car advertising. It could well be an economical and productive advertising medium for a small business on a limited budget, or a large corporation that wants to expand its marketing options. On the other side of the coin, it could provide a little extra money to those who have a car and are willing to display a vendor’s products in this manner. Car advertising agencies are looking for people who live and drive in metro areas at least 1000 miles a month on high-traffic main streets or highways. Some of these companies even provide the car.

Paid car advertising is a rather simple concept. A business pays the advertising agency to place the advertisement on cars that drive in a specific market area the client wants to target. The ad could be in the form of a car advertising magnet, or car stickers. The hiring agency monitors the actual miles being driven and the routes actually taken by way of a GPS system, so the advertiser is truly getting her or his money’s worth. Generally, they ad agency is not actually painting someone else’s car. This sort of permanent car wrap advertising is usually reserved for the vehicles owned by the company that wants to advertise.

With car wrap advertising, a company vehicle becomes a mobile billboard, with a custom paint job of the company’s choosing created by a professional car wrap firm. This car advertising design might cover all or just part of the vehicle, is quality fade and tear-resistant laminate and actually can prolong the vehicle’s body life as well as cover up blemishes. Wraps can last up to three years, with care that includes hand rather than high-pressure automated washing. A company can even use car wrapping to promote short-term campaigns such as product launches, contests, and events. These wraps are easily removed, and since they do not damage a car’s finish can even be used on leased or rented vehicles.

A company that wants to target a specific geographic demographic could easily do so with a car wrap. They could as well choose a car advertising agency that would hire drivers who live, work, play and drive in that area, letting their vehicles and custom-designed car advertising decals carry the message for them. For long or short term branding and advertising campaigns, car advertising can be a powerful addition to a company’s marketing campaign.