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Printing Free Luggage Tags Is Both Fun And Easy


Printing Free Luggage Tags

In today’s hectic world, where travel has become yet another hassle for many people, the idea of printing free luggage tags is not only viewed as a great idea but fun as well.

Baggage claim

Baggage claim (Photo credit: gorbould)

For instance, many travelers today opt to print free luggage tags by visiting such websites as www.printableluggagetags.com or shop.templerun.com/customize/temple-run-luggage-tag.html.

In turn, travelers who like these tags say there are so many cool images, colors and designs available that it’s become the thing to do for personalizing one’s luggage.

One popular tag — that can be printed for free on websites that offer this new art form — states that they can also help when planning a certain design.

For example, one website offers this service: “51 printable luggage tags that one can save to their computer and then print for free. These tags are just what you need the next time you travel. They are produced 10/page, which means you’ll have plenty for the suitcases you are taking on your trip.”

Also, many of these websites are easy to download and print.  And, they are available in both Adobe (PDF) and Word (DOC) versions.

Moreover, travel fans like to customize tags with their favorite character or image.  In this way, says one traveler, “I can easily spot my luggage because of the bright tag that is made of durable plastic for those rough bag handlers.”

At the same time, there are also web-sites online that state if you don’t see a design or category that you really like, you can ask support for the types of tags you’re looking for.

Overall, these tags are fast becoming a sort of personal statement that says “this is my luggage.”

Purse Organizers for Storage and Design


For those ladies who love shopping for bags and purses, storage issues can become a problem. You certainly don’t want your French tote, backpack purse, satchel, and Prada bag to be strewn haphazardly along your bed, bedroom, or closet floor. Nowadays, this storage problem has a quick an easy solution in the form of purse organizers.
Purse organizers are simply easy-to construct, lightweight compartments which can be used in storing your various bags and purses. They come in a wide variety of forms, shapes, and sizes which can be readily found in any department store or bag boutique. Some of the most popular styles are: the cubicle purse organizer and the door-hanging purse rack.
The cubicle purse organizer is just simply a storage area for bags which can have multiple cubicle storage areas. A popular model of this is the “Park A Purse” which has 10 spacious cubicles for your bags. It is very quick and easy to assemble. It can be mounted on any table, on the top shelf of your closet, or even inside a spacious cabinet.
The door-hanging purse rack aims for more of a space saving approach to bag and purse storage. These types of purse organizers are meant to be simply hanged on the back of doors or even walls. Not to be outdone by the cubicle purse organizer, this type of purse organizer can hold up to 16 bags and purses in it.
Many types of purse organizers are available in the market today. It is therefore an easy matter to buy a few and get those gorgeous bags and purses of yours off the floors and out of the cramped cabinets that may damage them. All in all, a purse organizer would be a great addition to any bag lover’s room in order to keep it looking nice, clean, and organized.