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Using Vistaprint Business Cards For Networking

Networking events are a great way to meet new contacts but only if you’re ready to do so. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to get the most out of this event. And networking with Vistaprint Business Cards is essential.


Before the event you should:
1. Learn about who will be speaking or who will be in attendance.
2. The day before the event you should post on LinkedIn that you’ll be attending the event. Provide a link for them to learn more.
3. Make sure you can tell someone all about you in a matter of just a few seconds. This is where it’s a good idea to have great Vistaprint Business Cards ready to hand out to anyone who asks for them.
4. Review your Vistaprint business cards to make sure that all of your contact information is correct.

Business Cards
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During the event you should:
1. Be confident.
2. Take notes to share on Twitter later.
3. Listen more than you talk.
4. When you do talk, be brief.

After the event you should:
1. The next day you should send a quick note to everyone you’ve met. Consider connecting on LinkedIn with some of those you feel you connected best with.
2. Update your LinkedIn with how much you enjoyed the event and how you’re looking forward to the next one.
3. Update your blog with information and pictures from the event then share it with others.

How I Got Started In World Financial Group


Back several years ago a friend introduced me to a business opportunity doing financial services with a company called World Financial Group.  Intrigued by the opportunity I started researching it and looking to see if it was a good company or not.

In fact looked I up World Financial Group Reviews on the web and found all kinds of people talking about this company.  However not all were good in fact some people even called it the World Financial Group Scam, but with all the negative info I decided to give it a shot anyways and in this article I’m going to show you just how I got started with this business opportunity.

First off, when I got stated with WFG I was encouraged to build a big list of a 100 names of people to talk to.  However I took it one step further and came up with a list of 1000 people to talk to.  When it comes to getting started in this business you need to have large amount of people to talk to and the best way to do this is to come up with a big list of people to talk to.

Secondly you need to get trained.  Once you’ve been accepted into the company and have a big list of people to talk to you need to start working with your trainer to understand how this business works.  This may take some time to do.  On top of that you will need to learn how to contact the people on your list and learn just exactly what you need to say to them in order to get an appointment.  This also means being consistent with making phone calls as well.  If you want to see consistent results as a part timer contact at least 5 people a day.

Third and finally, if you want to get paid in this business you’ll have to get licensed.  In most cases you’ll need to get your life insurance license, and securities licenses to sell investments such as mutual funds and variable annuities.  Once licenses you can start getting paid.

In the end while you’re getting trained and getting your license you can work to build up your team.  The great thing about building a team is that you’ll be able to get paid a small portion of the money that they earn as well.

Life Coaching Job 101


Many people seek a job as a life coach.  It is our innate behavior as a human to help others.  All people have it, even the ones that we do not believe have the spark, deep down inside us all yearns to help others in one fashion or another.  That is why life coaching has become more and more popular over the years.

What does a life coach do?  There are many different types of life coaches from spiritual coaches to emotional coaches to mental coaches and physical coaches.  No matter what you are seeking to achieve there is a life coach for you.  The job as a life coach is almost as challenging as being trained by a life coach.  All good trainers are being trained by someone.  This help for accountability and keeping a 3rd party perspective on what is happening.

A life coaching job usually starts out paying very little money.  After years and years of experience the salary can become pretty high.  What happens with a lot of life coaches is that what they are teaching and learning rubs off on them and they begin their own life coaching business or seminar.  This creates a unlimited salary for them.  Many personal growth seminars come from people that were once life coaches.

There are many different types of life coaching jobs.  Many people work as life coaches with different types of seminars.  There are team building seminars for businesses along with personal one on one training for businesses.  Financial, personal growth, and marriage seminars.  The list goes on and on for each type of person and niche.

If you are seeking to become a life coach and are not prepared to start your own business as a coach there are also volunteer opportunities to be a life coach.  These are great to get your feet wet and see if it is a life for you.

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