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Keys to Marketing Yourself With Your Business Card


A business card will often be your first introduction to potential buyers or clients, so it needs to make a positive and professional impact. The main function of a contact card is to provide important contact information for you or you business. However, there are also other functions it can perform. These include: capturing a potential client’s attention or provide very brief testimonials or other information about your company or business.

Your card absolutely must provide your up-to-date contact information. It is also a good idea for the card to provide a user with an idea about what your business does. When meeting dozens of people at a networking event, it can be very difficult to remember who provided what card and what they did. By providing a very brief, preferably one short line, describing your business, you can help to jog their memory.

A good card is also eye-catching and interesting without being childish or overwhelming. This can be accomplished through the use of minimal, clean graphics or a single bright color. If your business is posture support, your graphic could show someone with good posture. If you are marketing yourself as a graphic designer, your card must show your talents in this field. Likewise, a realtor may want to include a recent testimonial on the back of the card. Wholesalers of infant baby blankets might want cards in a pastel color.

Finally, when marketing yourself with your business card, keep in mind that it should present a seamless brand across any other marketing materials you may use. This includes a website, brochures or other advertisements. It can seem quite unprofessional if these items don’t seem linked together. A potential customer may feel that you conduct business in the same disjointed way.

Using these cards can help to market yourself and your company. Just keep in mind that it is important that they make as good of a first impression as you do. Keep them simple, clean, and to the point and the business card will always work for you.

Magnets USA Creates New Business Card Model


Magnets USA Creates New Business Card Model

If you want your prospects to remember your company and what your company does, getting them a business card that they will keep and look at is an important step. Magents USA has created a business card that is also a bookmark. The item is called a BusinessMark. These products contain your business information on one side and an eye-catching bookmark design on the other. Hopefully your prospects will utilize the cards as bookmarks when they purchase their next business book to read on the way to New York.

Even if the BusinessMark isn’t used by your potential new client as a bookmark, they will find it interesting, comment on it, and pass it around to their business partners and friends. Plus the price of the cards is about the same as what you’ll spend on premium business card production. Take a look at for examples of a novel ideal around the oldest networking tool in the world.