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Advertisement Strategies


Advertising Strategies

Advertisement strategies consist of various campaigns designed to communicate ideas about products and services to potential consumers in the hopes of convincing them to buy those products and services. This strategy, when built in a rational and intelligent manner, will reflect other business considerations (overall budget, brand recognition efforts) and objectives (public image enhancement, market share growth) as well.

There are two primary criteria which determine the effectiveness of any given campaign:

  1. The proportion of intended prospective consumer who were exposed to the ad
  2. The proportion of prospects who took the action intended by the campaign

While in the direct response and online world, quantitative performance metrics have been commonly available and widely used – this has not been true historically for most of the mass media advertising space.

Not anymore.

Advertisement Strategies – The Smarter way to do Business

Welcome to the LogicLab: Making advertisement strategies smarter.

  • To boost the proportion of prospective customers exposed to the add, the LogicLab mediaLibrary provides on-demand access to evaluate thousands of media vehicles across channels to create a list of the vehicles most likely to deliver that specifically defined target set.
  • To give advertisers and agencies post-campaign performance metrics, LogicLab matches up the advertiser’s response file, with the full audience file from the media vehicles bought, to create a ranking of how many desired responses were delivered by each media vehicle.

Access to unique advantages for partners of LogicLab:

  • Merkle Inc’s unparalleled National Consumer Database, with 1000+ variables on 98% of the adult population in the US
  • An objective, trusted third-party to leverage proprietary customer information and target set definition to use throughout the media planning and buying process
  • A track record of stringent data security to manage thousands of media audience files to provide unprecedented scope and range to any campaign planning exercise

LogicLab: welcome to the future.

Tinley Park Promotes Ranking on Business Cards


Tinley Park Promotes Ranking on Business Cards

BusinessWeek Magazine ranked the town of Tinley Park the best place to raise children in its most recent edition and business members of the community didn’t waste any time letting everyone know about their town. Jim Fuentes, an insurance business owner, quickly order 3,000 business cards stating the towns distinction the day that he heard the good news.

BusinessWeek considered over 800 communities in the US and compared their school test scores, affordability, job opportunities and crime rate. The article selected the small town outside of Chicago over all the other’s chosen to compare. With a population of 58,000, the small town has been focused on renovating its historic downtown centered around the Tinley Park Rock Island train station.

The city hopes to promote the ranking beyond business owner’s business cards. Placing signs in city parks, car stickers, stationary, and newspaper ads are all being considered.