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VistaPrint 250 Gratis Business Cards


VistaPrint 250 Gratis Business Cards

Marketing is something that new business owners might be unsure about how to do. What are the best methods? How much should I spend? Business marketing can be inexpensive and somewhat simple. Here are five examples of ways to promote your new business that wont put a dent in the budget.

Business Cards: Many business office suites now come with business card design and printing services. Not to mention the companies online that provide a vast array of business marketing materials at in-expensive prices. Companies like VistaPrint.com offer 250 free business cards along with t-shirts, stationary, and mugs all with your logo.

A website: Having a business today without a website is an odd thing and you would loss many potential customers by not having one. Purchasing domains is a simple and inexpensive process thanks to companies like GoDaddy.com. You can host your new website for as little as $5.00 a month with a company like HostGator. Plus building a website is easier now than ever before with prebuilt CMS solutions like WordPress. If you need help setting up your site, hire a contractor from a site like eLance.com to cheaply design and build a great looking web presence.

Tele-seminars: Offer free seminars in person or online and have customers lining up to see what you have to offer. Bring in local experts and others in your field that also have business services to promote. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Complimentary Join Ventures: Teaming up with others in your field that do not directly compete with you can help your business out greatly. Develop products together, create informational papers, and hold seminars together. Approach business owners that you have met, split the costs of the project, and split the profits.

Press Releases: Whenever there is a new product or a new service that your company offers, create and release a 1-2 page report to the press. Post the press release on your website and submit the release to press release sites that are eager to distribute the material. Make sure the press release is professional. Hire a freelance writer if you need some assistance.

Continue to keep your business name in the minds of the public, provide good products and services, and your shall thrive.