How to Make Color Business Cards Online

How to Make Color Business Cards Online

If you are heading to a conference this coming weekend or in the near future, you will want some nice presentable business cards to network with people you meet in between talks. Maybe the conference has emptied your pocketbook and you barely have enough to travel to the show. has some nice online features which provide for the design and color printing of business cards to your personal printer.

The first step is to get your color images together ahead of time including a picture, a logo, and a background image. Visit the local small business supplier dealer like Staples, Office Max, or Office Center, and purchase some business card paper stock.

On there is a feature called Design and Print Online, this is the area you want to visit. Create a template based on the business card stock you have purchased. Select a design to start with and customize it the way you want. Make sure to use the enhanced editing and complete the text fields that you wish to have present on the cards.

Once the text is complete on the Avery template you can add your color images. You can place, move, resize, order and rotate the images. When you have the cards looking the way you want them to look, you should Print your Project. This process will download the design to your desktop computer. From there you can print your cards to your printer, first on plain paper to double-check the design and then on the business card stock. You’re all set for your conference!

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