Tips for business communication

Effective communication is important in every facet of our lives. The importance of business communication can be even more critical – as much of the strength of a business relies on its ability to communicate with its employees and its customers. Here are some tips you might want to consider when communicating in a business environment:

  • Keep it simple – No matter how complicated the material gets, unless you know that all the fundamentals are out of the way, keep the message simple. Simple is easy to understand, and as the saying goes “if you couldn’t explain it to your grandmother, it’s too complicated”.
  • One mouth, Two ears – These are provided for you as constant reminders as to what is important. It’s much more important for you to listen, as it is for you to speak. This goes for employees, and especially for customers!
  • Clearly – This is part and parcel of the first item in this list, but it deserves its own mention. Learn to communicate clearly and unambiguously. There should be no doubt at the end of your message as to what it was about. There could be a call to action for you or your audience – again, this should be clear.
  • Help – If you notice that someone in your organization is having difficulty with communicating, try to help (without coming across like you’re preaching). Perhaps a gentle nudge towards some anger management worksheets that you have, if that’s their difficulty, would actually be welcomed. Communicating the bad comes with communicating the good.
  • Understand – Make sure, by asking open ended questions, that your audience really understands. If they’re asking questions of you, reiterate the same questions so you make sure that you really understand.

These are just some of the ways that you can learn to become a better, more effective communicator.

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