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Three Ways in Which You Can Distribute Business Promotional Products


Promotional Products

There are at least three ways in which you can distribute business promotional products. Before proceeding to look at them, we need to point out that many marketers imagine that the hardest part of a promotional campaign is the procurement and branding of promotional products. It is therefore not until they have procured the said business promotional materials and branded them that they find themselves with another challenge in their hands: the challenge of distributing the promotional products. True, given the fact that most of these business promotional products are meant to be given out for free, one is not likely to have challenges getting people willing to take them. The real challenge is in ensuring that you distribute them in a way which ensures you get reasonably good returns on the investment.
Ultimately, the right way to distribute your business promotional products will depend on the type of promotional products in question, and the nature of business being promoted through them. Some of the specific ways in which you can distribute business promotional products include:

Logo Mats

Simply handing them out in the streets. This is a particularly good approach if the promotional products in question are those of a cheap nature- which you can produce in huge numbers and proceed to give out to anyone who cares to stop. Here, we are looking at things like branded pens, branded calendars, logo mats and low-density t-shirts: which can be cost-effectively produced in very large numbers. This promotional approach would be particularly sensible if what you are promoting is a mass market product which almost anyone is bound to have need for at one point or another.

Of course, you need to ensure that the point where you distribute the products is a point with good human traffic flow (and that you have the necessary permissions to use that space for distribution of such stuff). You also need to ensure that the folks you hire for the distribution task are reasonably friendly-looking. Otherwise people will start wondering what the ‘catch’ is, and thus avoid picking up the free stuff. The levels of skepticism in the general public nowadays are just amazing, as you may come to learn the hard way.

Hiring a promotional company to distribute them for you. This is where, for instance, you hire one of those firms which specialize in organizing road-shows to organize one where your stuff is featured. In the process, attendees can be given your promotional products. We even have some road-show organizers who can have people partake of various activities (rapping, dancing, lifting weights and so on), and then distribute your promotional products to the ‘winners.’ The good thing with this approach is in the fact that, if you choose a proper promotional company, they can help you distribute your promotional products in a way which vastly improves the returns on investment.

Distributing the promotional products at the point(s) of sale. This is the situation where you put a basket filled with the promotional products next to your checkout cashier(s), and instruct them to be giving one of these promotional products to anyone who buys your stuff. Seeing that the recipients wouldn’t be using the promotional products in isolation, others around them would still get to see them (and thus get to interact with your brand).

The good thing with this approach, where you distribute business promotional products at checkout points, is in the fact that it gives you an opportunity to ensure that the folks you give free stuff to are people who actually do business with you. It can thus serve as both a promotional program and a ‘customer loyalty rewards’ program.

The Benefits of Using PVC Banners in Your Advertisement Campaign


Finding the right advertising medium for your company or business which is both efficient and cost effective can make the difference between a successful advertising campaign and a mediocre one. The use of banners in your advertising is one inexpensive way of promoting products and services, offering large scale exposure and in an attempt to increase sales.

Banners come in two different types of materials PVC and vinyl. Pvc banners come in diverse sizes and shapes for greater convenience in printing a company’s advertisement. One advantage of using these banners is their very strong resilient construction that can effectively resist adverse weather conditions when used outdoors. In addition banner colors are protected from UV rays so they retain the bright shiny appearance through long exposures to direct sunlight. These qualities increase the life span of your banner for longer lasting wear. PVC banners are also available in different weights to accommodate for larger advertisements, making them versatile products to meet a company’s individual needs.

Most pvc banner manufacturers, in addition to offering a quality banner product, also offer services for producing unique and innovative advertising designs on the banner. If your company or business only has the basic design structure in mind, banner design experts can convert a simple blueprint into a beautiful artistic design which draws greater attention from the public, thus increasing possibilities for a more effective and fruitful campaign. Knowing the different ways in which a company can maximize the advertisement on their banners to include graphics and text contributes toward greater advertising success.

Other factors that will affect how good your banner advertising will be includes maximum visibility of your product and location. The larger your display to include graphics and text, the easier it is for people to take notice and read it. In locations where people are passing rather quickly, you want your display to catch their attention quickly and be instantly understood, not leaving them with a mere impression of what they saw. Displaying the banner in a location with high traffic will also ensure greater visibility. All these factors work together to achieve maximum advertising results.

Electronic signs are yet another form of advertising many companies opt for to promote their products and wares. Many studies have shown this advertising method of displaying vivid images and persuasive text messages to be very productive in getting audience attention and keeping it, thus increasing chances of getting sales. Whichever advertising means you choose to use, making sure you acquire the best quality productions, graphics and designs will increase your chances of making your campaign succeed.

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