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Choice Trade Show Exhibits


You will discover that there are many different types of trade show exhibits. These are very important components when it comes to participating in these shows. Businesses in various industries actively participate in trade show events. There are a number of benefits connected to trade shows.

These shows offer businesses the opportunity to advertise their products and services. It is also a chance to meet new customers. This is why designing the right exhibit can be helpful. There are displays of different shapes, sizes, and appearances. Most companies decide which exhibits will work for them based upon cost. Some companies cannot afford to create one, but there are companies out there specializing in Rental displays.

You will find that there are a variety of costs for these displays. The size of the exhibit affects its cost. More elaborate designs also have some relation to the pricing. If your budget is tight, it may be critical to find lasting designs. These are displays that can be used for years to come. Some businesses opt to purchase portable displays for trade shows. Let’s take a look at some of the common exhibits in this category.

Multimedia exhibits

Multimedia exhibits are available in various shapes and sizes. There are table top designs that can fit into this particular category. These exhibits include video reels or graphic designs. Each of these designs is used to advertise companies and products. Large multimedia exhibits often take longer to set up than smaller offerings.

Fabric exhibits

Fabric exhibits can be purchased in the form of large poster displays. These are available in different sizes. There are 8 foot, 10 foot, and 20 foot fabric exhibits. Large exhibits of this sort often require deliver rather than personal transport.

Retractable exhibits

Retractable exhibits are some of the larger portable displays. These are often exhibits that can be easily transported from show to show. Trade show exhibit storage is necessary for these type of exhibits You will find great offerings in this category. Many design companies offer banner type displays. Company logos and names are very important details.

Several Kinds of Pop Up Displays


Having pop up displays is in trade fairs is one of the ultimate ways to make sure your company exudes the kind of image that screams ROCK STAR! Trade shows offer a vast opportunity of increasing your sales as this is a place where you can mingle with a lot of your potential customers. The down side is you will be neck-to-neck with companies that are equally eager to increase their sales. Therefore, you have to make sure that you do not only shine, you stand out!

This is where pop up displays can come in handy as they can really put your company up on that pedestal where you should be (and where you will be noticed). They are super huge and innovative, they are all you need to boost up your sales; and they can give your company the image of something that puts it up a notch. What I love most about pop up displays though is how easy it is to set them up and keep them for storage; very convenient especially for out of town conventions wherein not so many of your staff members could come.

There are many kinds of pop up displays and there are some things you need to consider when getting one; like your budget, your purpose, and what your product. One very popular example is the graphics display. This kind of pop up display includes graphics mounted in an aluminum stand. You also have the option to put halogen lights or not. Another kind of pop up display is the fabric display that is a lot like graphic displays, only they use fabric.

Should you need something that holds more than just pictures and brochures, like the actual product you are selling or a scale model of it, you need to have the tower display. They are displays that are made of glass, can be folded, and have wheels for easy transport. If you are, however, working with a smaller area you may use the table top display. They are pretty much the same with tower displays, only smaller.

In the end, it would not matter what pop up displays you will use because all of them are very effective in helping you increase your sales. Remember that how you present your products is very vital as they will determine how well you can connect with your audience. Nobody wants to drink wine from plastic cups even when you tell them the wine is like a hundred years old.

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