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6 Ideas To Improve Today’s Local Marketing Strategies


It is becoming more difficult for small entrepreneurs to compete. That can easily be changed by using the Internet as an advertising platform. As recent statistics have proven, the majority of consumers now use this media to obtain their information about suppliers, merchandise, etc. It is an excellent reason for businesses to incorporate web promotions into their local marketing strategy. If you are one of those small businesses, here are 6 excellent ideas that can get you started.

  1. Enlist with local search engines –The application process is very simple and can be accomplished by anyone. If you are not sure how to complete this task, hire an Internet marketing company.
  2. Claim a listing on major local search platforms – Local exposure will skyrocket when signing up with online entities such as Google Maps, Bing Local and Yahoo!Local. These search engines focus mostly on local industries with the goal to promote online marketing in corresponding neighborhoods.
  3. Create a website – The easiest way to communicate with your customers is through a user-friendly, informative website. Even if you are not selling anything online, consumers will still visit the site to look up your location, get information on products and services, find out sales events, and much more.
  4. Update the website frequently – Users want to find new data whenever they come back. Add new products to your web pages, and change the articles. Keeping it fresh will boost your local marketing.
  5. Utilize social media sites – There is not a day that goes by that you do not hear companies like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace mentioned. People of all ages are interested in these enterprises as they bring everyone closer together. These sites are not only for individuals, but also for companies. It is a great way to advertise. Sending a couple of tweets every day and publishing short messages on Facebook can make a world of difference. Great ROI.
  6. Learn about Search Engine Optimization – An SEO company can teach you the actions you should complete to make your website more visible to search engines. Higher rankings will boost your local marketing tremendously.

Online And Offline Dental Marketing Ideas


By combining online and off-line dental marketing ideas, it should be possible to pinpoint new customers for your dental practice. The secret to doing this right is by testing out different approaches, tracking how many customers you receive as a result in them putting more focus on those successful methods.

A key requirement with all dental practices is to have their own website. This offers you the opportunity to detail all of the different services your practice provides and provide authoritative information regarding various dental concerns. Your digital marketing strategy should focus on promoting the website in web directories, dental organization websites and improving its website rankings in search in Google maps. Long-term, you should be focusing on increasing your database of customer e-mails to provide newsletters regarding the various things going on in your dental practice.

Great customer service will also be an effective marketing tool for you and your dental practice. The key to doing this property is to having a complete first examination of first visits by patients and establishing follow-up system (via e-mail, phone) after every single appointment. This establishes an ongoing relationship with your customers and make sure that you are getting rapid feedback about any problems they may be experiencing. Set up a patient referral program to allow your customers to benefit from are faring on the other patients.

Finally, not all dental marketing ideas work at targeting your local community. You should really consider more traditional methods of advertising if you really want to reach out to local community (especially when setting up new practices). The three primary methods should be local radio station ads, community newspaper advertisements and direct mail campaigns. The one proviso here is that direct mail shops may prove to be less successful depending on the amount of promotional mail community members are already receiving.