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How to use Beer Pong Tables as a Marketing Medium


These days, it is common to feel inundated by advertising and marketing. Billboards, TV commercials, radios ads, internet ads, magazines, buses, taxi cabs, stickers, and the likes. Everywhere you look, someone is trying to sell you something. As a company, especially a smaller company, this over saturation of marketing can make effective marketing among ones target demographic a challenging and seemingly daunting task.  The thing that many advertisers lack is creativity. Most advertisers do not connect with their target market and therefore fail to leave an impression. Beer Pong Tables are one effective way of leaving a positive impression with the college age/young professional market. These days you can actually brand a custom beer pong table with your company logo and leave a positive impression on an entire party.  Here is why this is effective:

  1. The game of beer pong is hugely popular: Did you know that 50-80% of 6,000 college students that were surveyed play drinking games, particularly beer pong. Why should you care about that? Lots of people love the game. If you brand the table, you automatically create a positive association.
  2. Beer pong tables are used naturally in social settings. Unlike billboards which are created specifically for advertising, beer pong tables are being used to play on and gather around at parties, bars, bbqs and tailgates regardless of if you brand them or not. Beer pong tables are a portable medium so you receive brand exposure via the table’s natural use in various scenes, which translates to more impressions among a varied crowd.
  3. Beer pong tables are popular because they give people a common interest around which to gather. Not only do the players stand at the table, when you unfold a beer pong table, you naturally draw viewers that want to observe the game, and by default, you’re branding.
  4. Custom Beer Pong Tables are relatively inexpensive. You can customize one of these tables for around $220/table as compared to thousands of dollars on traditional advertising.