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Why Is an Online Free Classified the Best Place to Find Used RVs?


When you’re looking for RVs for sale by owner, there is hardly any better place to look for them than in free classified ads.  I think that there are a lot of people that are very anxious to sell, and they do everything they can to sell their RV.  This often means that they listed for sale in free classified ads.  When I am talking about classified ads, I am talking about online ads where you can list and sell your RV pretty easily.  You have to make sure that you pick a website that is getting a lot of traffic and not just from people wanting to list their RV but more importantly from people wanting to buy an RV.  If you do this, you are sure to be able to find more interested buyers.  As you find more interested buyers, it increases your chances of being able to sell your RV quickly.

Fall and winter are very difficult time to sell an RV for sale by owner, but you can increase your chances of selling them when you list them on free Internet classified ads. Two of the best ones I think I would recommend are craigslist and RVSALEBYOWNER.com.  This site is great and it is a personal favorite website.  I like it because it ranks well for a lot of words that people would use when they are searching for a used RV.  This is just the type of traffic you want for people to know if they are looking to buy your RV.  Even though there are other places where you can pay to list, you’re going to be more likely to sell your RV if you list it for free in these two sources.  Not only that, you will be able to attract a large pool of potential buyers.  People from all over your states will be able to find your RV listed for sale and if they’re interested, they can call you and make an offer.

Instant Marquees for Outdoor Use

For outdoor marketing and sports activities, large tents with open sides are most commonly used. These large tents are called marquees, and they are often used for certain functions such as exhibits, sports events, and sales caravans. There are different available sizes and colors, depending on your preference. These marquees are especially to be strong and sturdy, and they are generally easy and convenient to use.


Most companies that hold a marketing and sales events outdoor prefer to have a customized marquee, with the company or product name and logo printed at the roof of the tent and on both the side walls to promote maximum exposure and effective means of advertisement. The BigTop Shades offers a service of full color digital printing to instant marquees to customize it according to the needs and specifications of the customers.

However, for those who do not really require customization, there are readily available units in different dimensions and colors to choose from. BigTop Shades marquees are available in two different series: the Classic 32 and the SUPAShade 40 series.

The Classic 32 series provide convenience and they are easy to set up. In fact, you can make these units stand strong and steady in just 60 seconds even without the use for extra tools. Classic 32 series are available in Aluminum Complete and Powder Coated Steel Complete Units. They come at different sizes and dimension, and there is no doubt that with various choices, you can truly find the one that would best suit your needs. A complete unit means that the top, frame, carry bag, guy ropes, and stakes are included.

The SUPAShade 40 series provide ultimate stability and performance. It has a super strong legs and ultimately strengthened truss bars that provide the highest level of security against wind and rain. It is available in Aluminum Complete Unit, which comes at five different sizes, folded dimensions, and weight.