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Why Using Twitter Can Really Boost Your Tutoring Business


Having a successful online Tutoring Business is a lot of work and it takes time to build. Sometimes the success of your business just comes down to exposure, or the lack. When it comes to using social media today, it will not be hard to make sure that your Tutoring Business get great exposure. By leveraging social sites like twitter, you can use the Internet to your advantage. Using twitter is a great way to build a presence in social media. You can Twitter for a number of things. For example, reaching out to your target audience in the best possible way. Your online Tutoring Business will do nothing but go up when you follow these handy hints on how to use Twitter.

You want to make the right impression on Twitter. Overloading your followers with promotional content is not a great idea. You want to make sure that you are responsive to other people’s content as well. Connecting with people means being friendly to them as well as paying attention to their interests. The idea behind Twitter is to make real connections with people who share your interests.

Whether you’re website is about pet grooming, building cars, or starting a tutoring business, you will be able to build a network on Twitter. The way to engage people about your tutoring business website is to share your valuable information.

You will want to answer questions, perhaps suggest solutions and post helpful links . You can post links to sites other than your as well. This really makes you appear confident that your site stands above the rest. You are not afraid to share what other people saying about your topic. It doesn’t matter what market you’re targeting, this is very important to gaining people’s trust and letting them know that you are an expert in your field.

The internet is an ever rapidly changing universe, and to succeed in this setting you have to be using the most recent strategies. Social sites are currently the rage  and they will get even bigger over the next few years. Improving your business connections through the use of these sites can only help your business. You can also save your tutoring business a lot of money by using this type of advertising. Using social media makes for a very laid back working environment.  Stop by The Classroom Guide today for a free e-book on how you too can start your own online tutoring business.

Floating Beer Pong Tables for Spring Break Marketing


Spring break events are one effective way to reach the college age demographic this season. During spring vacation, college students flock to popular spring break spots inside and outside the US. One powerful way to tap into this market is to brand a handful of beer pong tables with your company message and logo and place your product in at a spring break location, near water.  Four recent academic studies found that around 70% of college students play beer pong! In general, unfolding a beer pong table in the college scene attracts attention.  The novelty of a floating beer pong table takes it up a notch, attracting even more positive attention. Here is why branding beer pong tables is one effective marketing strategy:

  1. When college students see an inflatable beer pong table, they will tend to be in an environment that already makes them feel good. Likely, they will be outside, in the sun, having some drinks with friends. By placing your brand into the center of this scene, a positive association is made with your company/message.
  2. These beer pong tables will create residual positive impressions as they are used in a variety of different spring break scenes.  Inflatable tables can be used anywhere where people swim and play. These tables are like floating billboards, only a lot more fun.
  3. You don’t have to hire sales force.  College students that attend spring break tend to be the group that love to party. The students that part, inevitably play beer pong, so these tables will attract this demographic effortlessly. All that you need to do is have the product placed effectively.
  4. Consider co-branding your table with a spring break company or bar that is located in the center of a spring break destination. By doing this, you won’t even have to work hard to effectively place your product, since your co-brander will already have access to the demographic.  If you are unable to enroll a strategic co-brander, consider gifting the table to spring break company/event planner/bar. This will save you a lot of leg work.

Beer Pong is the most popular drinking game in the country and an inflatable beer pong table can be used to create brand recognition, positive association, and a natural draw to your companies brand. All that is needed to make this happen are some inflatable, custom beer pong tables and the spring break scene (somewhere near water).