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Guerilla Marketing Techniques for Your Home Business


If you have chosen to follow a work-from-home career path, then you are most likely a freelancer or a small business entrepreneur.  In either case, you could probably use some marketing strategies to generate leads and drum up profits.  You are also just a one-man team; in which case it is impractical and unnecessary to invest a huge cash outlay on an advertising campaign.

For micro and small-scale business, guerrilla marketing is definitely the way to go.  Guerrilla marketing refers to unusual and unconventional marketing strategies to generate buzz about a particular product or services.  Guerrilla marketing does not rely on financial investments in order to be successful.  Rather, it requires time, energy and imagination on the part of the marketer to come up with maximum results while using minimal resources.

To use guerrilla marketing as a strategy for your own business, you must first take a look at your company and its characteristics.  The focus of guerrilla marketing is on developing a campaign strategy that is best suited for your particular range of products and services.  While there are no hard and fast rules, the guerrilla marketer must consider how the business relates to its consumers.

Here are some applications of guerrilla marketing principles:

  • Viral marketing – the spread of videos, photos and other digital information through social networking sites
  • Reverse graffiti–  the method of creating temporary images or messages on walls and other surfaces by removing dirt or graffiti.  The desired message or image is basically formed by the clean spaces.  This is a sustainable, eco-friendly method of advertising, and its use in urban locations is becoming popular.
  • Presence marketing
  • Grassroots marketing
  • Buzz marketing – generation of new contracts through word of mouth and referrals;
  • Undercover marketing – uses subtle product placement;
  • Astroturfing – imitates grassroots popularity through strategic press releases and company updates;
  • Experiential marketing – promotes the products by allowing consumers to interact with it;
  • Tissue-pack marketing – hand to hand marketing strategies such as giving away free samples for tasting;
  • Wait marketing – the use of opportunities on occasions and places where consumers are waiting and are thus receptive such as in doctor’s offices, in line inside a ladies’ room or at the DMV.

Reaching your target market can be achieved by paying attention to their characteristics and spending habits.  An understanding of what consumers want and need is crucial to marketing your product.  It must also be said that the success of your enterprise does not end with successful marketing and infiltration; in order to sustain any successes achieved, the products and services must be intrinsically satisfying as well.

This article was written by Joana Chrystal Ventura-Moises, our resident expert on plumbing and shower screen installations.

  • Social Media: A Guerrilla Marketer’s Dream (customerthink.com)

The Internet Is A Source Of Income For A Select Few


The economy isn’t getting any better and by most accounts, it is getting worse every week.  The new president in America, despite all sorts of promises, has not gotten anything going to turn the situation around. People are out of work all over the country and very concerned about their futures.

More people than ever are going online to see if they can make some money there. Many of them start out with doing paid online surveys but that doesn’t amount to much. They then try to figure out if there are any other ways to make money online and that is where they start to get confused and frustrated.

The online world is difficult to learn for those that are not naturally gifted with technology know-how. For many, the Internet remains much of a mystery as to just how it works. Throw in the challenge of figuring out how to make money with it and that is more than most can do.

However, if you are someone that is determined, you really can teach yourself to make money online. It will take many months and a lot of determination but it can be done. All you have to do to remain motivated is to realize that the Internet is huge and growing every day and that must mean that people are making money. The Internet is here to stay and some businesses are thriving because of it. All you have to do is to figure out how you can get a piece of the pie.

In the end, those people that are imaginative and can come up with some good ideas are the ones likely to be able to profit from the Internet. Add to that the desire and willingness to put in some hard work and you have the formula for a person who might be able to make a go of creating an online income.