Daily Archives: November 25, 2010

Take A Break – It is Important…


Running a business can be a very frustrating, even agonizing experience. Particularly in the beginning stages.  There are a number of problems that business owners face on any given day.  But, combine that with not enough revenue coming in, as can happen in the beginning, and it can be really nerve-wracking.

I faced a very frustrating morning.  Dealing with the employees of other companies who ‘follow’ policies they don’t even understand and make mistakes with other people’s livelihoods is very annoying – to say the least.  I’d rather deal with someone who didn’t read that last oramd review and has bad breath than someone like I just described.

Alas, the reality IS the reality and there is little that can be done about it.  After this extremely frustrating experience, which I rate worse than tonsil stone removal, I decided to go out and take a break.

I walked down to a local coffee bar and had a cup of hot chocolate.  I sat there for a few minutes and watched all the people around me.  They were engaged in lively conversations.  Music was playing in the background and I felt like I was in a better world for a few minutes.

I headed back to my work station, refreshed.  Total time for this break was less than 30 minutes.  Now I’m ready to get on with the day.

There are so many problems that come up on a day to day basis. Finding solutions to those problems is the business owner’s chore.  Every day is a test of faith.  Do you believe that ‘everything will work out’ as mother always said? Or, do you worry about every little possibility, as I have become accustomed to doing?

When you are not seeing the results you want, this issue becomes a lot bigger.  The question of whether you believe or not becomes larger and larger.  This is the test that I believe all business owners must face, particularly in the beginning.  I hope it works out well for all of us!