Five Tips For Starting Your Own Handyman Business

Know Your Stuff

A handyman business is the perfect venture for anyone with a natural flair for DIY. It’s fun, flexible and can offer fantastic financial rewards. However don’t ever assume that you know enough – there’s always more to learn, and the wider your skill-set, and the more experienced you are with what you know, the better service you will be able to offer. Therefore keep learning and keep training yourself. If a customer asks you to complete work that you have no experience in, don’t disregard it. Instead train yourself up so that you are able to offer them the results they’re after.

Purchase High Quality Tools

While a cheap set of tools may have been sufficient for the occasional DIY venture, they will not suffice should you decide to go professional. Recommended brands of tools include Drapper, Snap-On and Teng Tools. Teng Tools in particular offer a lifetime guarantee with every one of their tools, which should reassure any entrepreneurial DIY’er that Teng Tools should last for the entirety of their career.

Higher cost tools will in addition be able to achieve higher quality results than cheaper brands, which is vital when you’re taking your skills to a professional level.

Market Yourself Properly

If you don’t market your services, you won’t get any business. A good way to start out is to inform friends and neighbours of your new service. If you do a good job for them, hopefully word will spread and business will increase organically.

Other cost-effective and efficient ways of marketing yourself are through the printing of flyers (costs can be saved by delivering the flyers yourself). Local stores may also offer space for you to advertise your services either for free or for a very low cost.

It’s also worth setting up a website. This doesn’t have to cost you a penny since there are many domains that are completely free to use. All the website really needs to contain is some information about yourself, a list of your services and prices, as well as some previous customer testimonials and contact details.

Get Adequate Insurance

If you were to cause damage to a customer’s home or worse, cause damage to the customer yourself, you will be liable for it. Without proper insurance this could cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

It’s also important to insure your tools properly. Expensive sets of tools are prime pickings for thieves, and there’s no point investing large amounts of money into quality brands of tools like Teng Tools if you’re not going to cover yourself should the worst happen.

Offer Top-Notch Customer Service

Without great customer service, you’re not going to receive much repeat business. Great customer service involves being reliable, trustworthy and friendly, as well as obviously achieving great results.

You do not want to gain a reputation as a handyman who doesn’t turn up when they say they do, or leaves before the job is finished. You should also ensure to offer fair and competitive prices, particularly if you’re working in an area where other, more established handymen operate.


This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Tool Orders. Amy writes on a variety of topics including taking personal skills to a professional level and how tools such as Teng Tools can affect a handyman’s business model.

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