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Consumers Guide to Printed Envelopes


The envelopes can match your letterhead, invitations, or you can be extremely creative and unique. Create envelopes with the company logo, add a photo, customize text and colour, and make your envelope a prominent piece in someone’s mailbox. An envelope that stands out over the rest of the mail will be opened first, and that is what you want.

Capture interest and engage the recipient from the very moment they set sight on the envelope.The envelopes are your distinctive creation, so be innovative. Add a return address in specific colours, a catchy phrase, or exclusive design. The options are unlimited and only restricted by your imagination.Your customized envelope does not have to be a financial burden. Reasonable prices with an exceptional product are what you want when placing an order.

You want a company that you can a trust. A company that has years of experience and knowledge, yet stays current with their state-of-the-art equipment. Plus, you do not want to break the bank to add a little flair to your envelopes.A helpful and honest customer service team is necessary when conducting business.

Professional assistance to answer all of your questions and provide you with information that you need to make a decision that is right for you. You want your order completed accurately the first, but in the instance that there is an issue you want to know that help is only a phone call away.Your do not want your problem to be ignored. The second you call the company you want to know that professionals are working to correct the issue. You want to be confident that the printing issue will be corrected to your satisfaction without any hesitation, and mailed out to you as soon as possible.

The goal is to rectify the issue and present very little interruption in your orderTo print envelope designs is easy, but to print an exceptional envelope is entirely different. Unique designs and customary products require professionals with expertise in printing. With professionals who concentrate on details and ensure each envelope is perfectly printed, you can rest assured that your envelope will be precisely as you wanted.

High quality products at an exceptional value are what you want each and every time you order printed envelopes.If you have ever thought about expanding your stationary and adding some colour and excitement to your envelopes, then do not hesitate to call an informative customer support team.

A team that will answer your questions and help you choose the printed envelopes that best suit your situation. An informative and helpful phone call that will provide options, prices, and give you the details you need to make an informative decision. Feel confident in your order, place your order, and know that your order will soon arrive.


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Building Customer Loyalty


There are two basic tasks that every entrepreneur is faced with: getting new customers and keeping old ones. Definitely, customer loyalty is crucial especially since businesses often rely on these people to stay afloat. These customers do not just buy your products or subscribe to the services you offer. They are also the ones who tell their friends about your business and bring in new customers through word of mouth. For this reason, building customer loyalty is imperative and customer service is the tool that will help entrepreneurs to achieve this. Business owners should be willing to go the extra mile to keep buyers consistently hooked.

Respond quickly to concerns. People, most importantly paying customers, have become so accustomed to the I-want-it-right-now mentality. For that reason, it is crucial that businesses respond to any customer concern the soonest time possible. This should not be a problem though with today’s technological advancements. Capitalize on Twitter’s real-time communication feature by creating an account for your business on this social networking site. Should any customer have any query or complaint, you can easily respond to them through Twitter. The best thing of all, use of Twitter is free.

Send a human to deal with a customer. Nothing can be more aggravating than sending an email to a business and just receiving a do-not-reply email in return. Allow your customers to interact with your employees and consequently with your business. Give an employee the responsibility of replying to emails, answering customer phone calls or responding to them through chat. Why should you let your customer hold or wait for an entire day when you can accommodate them immediately?

Talk to your customers. What sets apart mediocre businesses and successful ones is the employees’ ability to interact with customers. And interaction will depend greatly on how the employee is able to talk to the consumers. Give your employees a list of phrases to use and to avoid when talking to buyers. At the same time, train your employees so that they will be able to assist customers through different situations. Nobody likes to ask help from someone who does not have a clue on what to do.

Make good first and last impressions. Buyers will often remember the first and last minutes of being in any establishment. For this reason, a good business should know how to greet customers and then thank them once they’re ready to leave.



Chris Marentis writes from experience about lead generation, closing the sale and leveraging social media. He is the founder and CEO for a local internet marketing company Surefire Social, a resource for local search marketing

Customer Service Skills Training | Fundamental Elements On Most Courses

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Have you noticed some of the similarities between most customer service skills training? Even though there are a large number of courses they all tend to focus in on six key traits and techniques that should be fostered in all service staff. This article takes a look at the six key areas.

  • Improving communications: All customer interactions require verbal or written communications with your customers. This can be improved in all individuals through the use of active listening, the use of positive language and ensuring that customer satisfaction is being questioned at every stage of your dealings with them.
  • Increasing product knowledge: Employees with a depth and breadth of product knowledge are able to work with customers on resolving a broader range of issues and complaints. At the very least they will understand who to contact on what type of solutions can help resolve problems.
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  • Advanced problem solving techniques: When issues do arise, your customer service representatives need to know what tools, people and processes should be used to resolve these issues. This is one of the best customer retention strategies to have put in place from day one as you want to ensure issues get turned around rapidly.
  • Improving individual time management: Everybody works towards goals and deadlines and this should be fostered within small teams to ensure the people become self-motivated and more goal-oriented. It improves the amount of customer issues that can be dealt with on a daily basis.
  • Fostering professional attitudes in all communications: Customers who are dealt with politely and courteously are more likely to return to make more purchases at later stages. Being professional in your communications cost little to perform and pays off big time.
  • Increasing the confidence of your staff: Some customer service skills training focuses on establishing trust with your customers through exuding confidence. In effect, being confident comes about as result of good product knowledge and sufficient on-the-job experience combined with validating customer needs and satisfaction.

Three Ways For A Retail Business To Boost Profits

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Adjust The Queuing System

The queue is a vital aspect of a retail business. Get it right and you will make more money and retain more customers and get it wrong and not only will profits be lower than they could be, but a high volume of customers may get aggravated and leave, unlikely to return on another occasion.

The most profitable system of queuing in a retail environment is the ‘single line queue’. The main reason for this is that it is by far the fairest queuing system available. The single line queue ensures that all customers are served in the order that they arrived, making sure that no one feels unfairly or unequally treated, therefore improving customer relations.

The single line queue also gives the appearance of a queue that is moving at a quick pace. This can reduce the amount of customers that leave a shop without making a purchase, since they are quickly moving towards the till as opposed to standing in a short but stationary queue (as is so common with more traditional methods of queuing).

Employ In Queue Merchandising

In queue merchandising entails displaying products alongside the queuing area for customers to browse while they wait to be served. Companies who have effectively employed this method of merchandising have reported up to a 30% boost in profits, as well as a 400% increase in impulse purchases.

In order to get the most out of in queue merchandising it is recommended that retailers display items of a low cost that will also attract a wide range of consumers. This is because low cost items are more likely to be picked up as impulse purchases.

In regards to in queue merchandising this is one way to boost profits in a retail environment that should be employed by all merchants. The set up cost is very cheap, and it is perfectly possible to display items that are available elsewhere in the store. Alternatively, in queue merchandising offers a fantastic way for businesses to increase the range of goods they sell without having to look at extending the floor space.


Don’t Forget About Customer Service

Customer service is a vital aspect of a retail business, yet it is often forgotten in the mission to make money. However in order to make the most money companies need to retain customers – any business which bases their strategy on a succession of new customers will eventually fail.

Customer service can manifest itself in a variety of ways – even a single line queue can be perceived as offering a better level of customer service than is offered by the use of other queuing methods. However customer service is most apparent when a customer and staff member are in conversation together.

In order to ensure that this one-on-one customer service is as best it can be staff should be trained properly not only in customer service, but in product knowledge also. This means that should a customer ask where to find a particular product the staff member is able to take them straight there.

One of the most important situations in relation to customer service is the moment when the customer reaches the till in order to complete their purchases. This is most likely the last interaction they will have with a staff member before leaving the shop and will therefore leave a lasting impression on the customer – whether positive or negative.

At an absolute minimum the till assistant should say hello, goodbye and thank you, yet other pleasantries are in most cases highly beneficial to the overall level of customer service as well.

This article was written by James Harper on behalf of Lawrence Metal. James writes on a number of subjects including business and retail.

Five Tips For Starting Your Own Handyman Business


Know Your Stuff

A handyman business is the perfect venture for anyone with a natural flair for DIY. It’s fun, flexible and can offer fantastic financial rewards. However don’t ever assume that you know enough – there’s always more to learn, and the wider your skill-set, and the more experienced you are with what you know, the better service you will be able to offer. Therefore keep learning and keep training yourself. If a customer asks you to complete work that you have no experience in, don’t disregard it. Instead train yourself up so that you are able to offer them the results they’re after.

Purchase High Quality Tools

While a cheap set of tools may have been sufficient for the occasional DIY venture, they will not suffice should you decide to go professional. Recommended brands of tools include Drapper, Snap-On and Teng Tools. Teng Tools in particular offer a lifetime guarantee with every one of their tools, which should reassure any entrepreneurial DIY’er that Teng Tools should last for the entirety of their career.

Higher cost tools will in addition be able to achieve higher quality results than cheaper brands, which is vital when you’re taking your skills to a professional level.

Market Yourself Properly

If you don’t market your services, you won’t get any business. A good way to start out is to inform friends and neighbours of your new service. If you do a good job for them, hopefully word will spread and business will increase organically.

Other cost-effective and efficient ways of marketing yourself are through the printing of flyers (costs can be saved by delivering the flyers yourself). Local stores may also offer space for you to advertise your services either for free or for a very low cost.

It’s also worth setting up a website. This doesn’t have to cost you a penny since there are many domains that are completely free to use. All the website really needs to contain is some information about yourself, a list of your services and prices, as well as some previous customer testimonials and contact details.

Get Adequate Insurance

If you were to cause damage to a customer’s home or worse, cause damage to the customer yourself, you will be liable for it. Without proper insurance this could cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

It’s also important to insure your tools properly. Expensive sets of tools are prime pickings for thieves, and there’s no point investing large amounts of money into quality brands of tools like Teng Tools if you’re not going to cover yourself should the worst happen.

Offer Top-Notch Customer Service

Without great customer service, you’re not going to receive much repeat business. Great customer service involves being reliable, trustworthy and friendly, as well as obviously achieving great results.

You do not want to gain a reputation as a handyman who doesn’t turn up when they say they do, or leaves before the job is finished. You should also ensure to offer fair and competitive prices, particularly if you’re working in an area where other, more established handymen operate.


This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Tool Orders. Amy writes on a variety of topics including taking personal skills to a professional level and how tools such as Teng Tools can affect a handyman’s business model.