Consumers Guide to Printed Envelopes

The envelopes can match your letterhead, invitations, or you can be extremely creative and unique. Create envelopes with the company logo, add a photo, customize text and colour, and make your envelope a prominent piece in someone’s mailbox. An envelope that stands out over the rest of the mail will be opened first, and that is what you want.

Capture interest and engage the recipient from the very moment they set sight on the envelope.The envelopes are your distinctive creation, so be innovative. Add a return address in specific colours, a catchy phrase, or exclusive design. The options are … Read more at Free Business Cards

Building Customer Loyalty

There are two basic tasks that every entrepreneur is faced with: getting new customers and keeping old ones. Definitely, customer loyalty is crucial especially since businesses often rely on these people to stay afloat. These customers do not just buy your products or subscribe to the services you offer. They are also the ones who tell their friends about your business and bring in new customers through word of mouth. For this reason, building customer loyalty is imperative and customer service is the tool that will help entrepreneurs to achieve this. Business owners should be willing to go the extra … Read more at Free Business Cards

Customer Service Skills Training | Fundamental Elements On Most Courses

Have you noticed some of the similarities between most customer service skills training? Even though there are a large number of courses they all tend to focus in on six key traits and techniques that should be fostered in all service staff. This article takes a look at the six key areas.

  • Improving communications: All customer interactions require verbal or written communications with your customers. This can be improved in all individuals through the use of active listening, the use of positive language and ensuring that customer satisfaction is being questioned at every stage of your dealings with them.
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Three Ways For A Retail Business To Boost Profits

Adjust The Queuing System

The queue is a vital aspect of a retail business. Get it right and you will make more money and retain more customers and get it wrong and not only will profits be lower than they could be, but a high volume of customers may get aggravated and leave, unlikely to return on another occasion.

The most profitable system of queuing in a retail environment is the ‘single line queue’. The main reason for this is that it is by far the fairest queuing system available. The single line queue ensures that all customers are … Read more at Free Business Cards

Five Tips For Starting Your Own Handyman Business

Know Your Stuff

A handyman business is the perfect venture for anyone with a natural flair for DIY. It’s fun, flexible and can offer fantastic financial rewards. However don’t ever assume that you know enough – there’s always more to learn, and the wider your skill-set, and the more experienced you are with what you know, the better service you will be able to offer. Therefore keep learning and keep training yourself. If a customer asks you to complete work that you have no experience in, don’t disregard it. Instead train yourself up so that you are able to offer … Read more at Free Business Cards