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Where to Get Good Ideas for Newsletters


As I browse through the newsletters that hit my inbox every day, I can see some recurring patterns that suggest that most of those newsletter publishers do not know anything about newsletter writing. Writing a newsletter articles is different in some respects to writing content for your website or writing articles for a conventional reader. The people who are going to read your newsletter will be reading from a screen unlike a conventional reader who reads from a printed paper.

This is why it is important to learn how to write a newsletter article more effectively. To make the task of your reader easier, you should use headings and subheadings in your articles. These elements will break your content down into self-contained chunks. The reader can skip any parts of the article that are irrelevant to them. They can also head directly to the section which interests them the most.

You will also want to make your paragraphs shorter. This does not mean that you cannot use long paragraphs at all; it only suggests that the dominant pattern should be that of shorter ones. A shorter paragraph is must easier to digest than a long one. The length of your paragraphs may vary. If there are any important points that you do not your readers to miss out, you need to stress them so that they are no skipped. You can highlight those points by typing them in bold-face, italics or by underlining them.

This will ensure that the reader will notice and hopefully read them. As far as the title of your newsletter is concerned, you should make it descriptive of the content of the newsletter. Do not overuse smart titles as those titles may mislead the reader. The style of your writing should be simple and easy to read. Avoid complex words that your reader may not be familiar with. There are more newsletter ideas that you can find online and will help you publish a better newsletter.

How To Make Money With Blogs: Be A Good Problem Solver


The most successful blogs are those that are good at solving problems.  When your readers are able to find solutions on your blog they will continue to visit.  Your goal is to not only attract readers in the first place but to keep them coming back again and again.  You will be able to do this if you can learn how to solve their problems.  The following are some ideas to help you become a good problem solver.

  1.  They are looking for solutions —  Make money blogs provide solutions, bottom line.  This is what readers want and you need to be able to provide that for them.  Put your thinking cap on and write down as many problems related to your niche that you can think of.  Tap into your own experiences as well.  What problems have you encountered?  This will give you plenty of things to write about and many solutions to provide your readers.
  2.  Stay in the loop —  Keep up on your niche.  Know what is hot.  Always do your research and stay current with information in your niche.  If you do this you will know what the trends are and consistently write about things that are hot at the moment.  Your readers will definitely notice and appreciate this and will become regular visitors to your blog.
  3.  Communicate with your readers —  What better way to find out what your readers would like to see than going straight to the source?  Pay attention to what they are saying.  Take the time to read their emails and their comments.  You can learn a lot from them.  When you are able to learn what is hot for them then it will be a piece of cake to provide it.  When you are able to provide your readers with what they want, you have got it made.

If you are just beginning and want to know how to make money with blogs then pay attention to these ideas.  You should strive to become a good problem solver.  Always be providing solutions.  Know what your readers want and give it to them.  You will develop a great customer base and your blog will become stronger and stronger each day.

Blog Earning Secrets — Make Money Blogging Pitfalls To Avoid


When you decide to make money blogging, you are focused on what it can do for you and your family.  You know you can do this. You push really hard, and then things don’t exactly go as planned.  Here are some tips to help you overcome some “bumps in the road” that you may encounter in your early blogging career:

  1.  Don’t Set Unrealistic Goals —  This one is a killer.  If you have income goal that are flat unrealistic, you are going to be depressed when you miss them  You are much better off setting content generation and blog post goals in the first couple of months.  These are goals that are in your control, and these are the goals you can meet.  The money will come later.  Trust me on this one.
  2.  Don’t Look At Results Right Away —  Look at your content output and how your blog is growing.  Do not fall into the trap of looking at how many visitors you are getting or if you are making any money.  These are things you look at once a week or after a month or so.  If you find yourself looking for results, set a number of words written and posted goal for yourself.  This may not be an exciting or “sexy” thing to track, but it is an indicator of your progress and should be tracked.  Track the things that are going to make your blog successful, not things that may make you feel good.
  3.  Do, Don’t Think — In the early days of your blogging, the more working you are doing the better.  Conversely, the less you are thinking about your results the better.  You need to lock yourself into a work, don’t think mode.  You may not like this, and it may be uncomfortable for you.  That is fine.  Every successful blogger goes through this transformation.  When you start to work like this, you will start to learn what it takes to make money from your blogging.  It is worth the pain and effort.  You just need to do the work today, and let tomorrow take care of itself.

If you can avoid these pitfalls, you have a much better chance of succeeding with your blogging.  Get your head pointed in the right direction and do not deviate from this path.  You will be very happy you did this six months down the road.

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