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Why will people buy from you?


There are few businesses that do not have direct competition so what is it about your new business that is going to make people desert their present provider and come knocking at your door?

Well, the first thing to do is find out what your customer wants.  Sounds simple and logical but can actually be quite hard to do (and as a result many people don’t bother…).  In most cases you cannot actually go and talk to your prospective customers individually so you have to find out via indirect research and then extrapolate results.  The ways to do this are an article in themselves but do make an effort because it will pay off with the next stage.

Once you know what people want look at the competition and see how they are delivering it to the customers.  Your aim here is to find out where the gaps are and what the weaknesses are from your competitors.  You then need to identify how you can overcome these weaknesses and highlight these when you advertise your business.  Here are some typical areas you might investigate to see if you can find that competitive advantage.

Early in a product’s life you can get away with providing just a basic choice; remember Henry Ford’s “any color so long as it’s black” quote?  For early autos that wasn’t an issue but once autos started to become more common then people wanted more choice.  Is your marketplace at a point where adding an extra level of choice could promote you to market leader?

Delivery is not just about speed.  Yes, most people want things immediately when they buy but there are other things that they desire too.  Reliability to deliver at a specific time of day is very important for workers; choices of delivery method (and therefore cost) can also be important.

What performance improvement can you add to ensure that people sit up and take note?  If you can’t beat people with one of the main performance measures then find a lesser one and build that into your marketing to be seen as something more important.

The biggest profits are made by companies that concentrate on quality rather than price.  Quality is a subjective matter and in many instances it can be up to you to demonstrate what quality is for your product.  A few years ago a beer company defined quality by the number of times it filtered the water in their beer.  As it happened, all beer makers do similar but none had promoted their product in that way.  As a result the beer company who first used the idea then became the ‘owners’ of it and no-one else could use it without seeming like they were copying the original.

Doing your research and then adapting your offering to the wants and needs of your market will give you a big advantage when starting out in business.  Yes, some of the research and work to find the niche can be hard – but that’s why most people don’t do it!

1, 2, 3, 4…Benefits of Ordering Coffee Supplies from Online Stores


In today’s uncertain economic environment, many companies are tightening the proverbial purse strings and cutting back on employee benefits in order to remain solvent. One way to save money, especially for small businesses, is to discontinue the use of the current office coffee supply and delivery company and instead to buy coffee online. Online coffee supply companies have none of the overhead and delivery staff costs of locally-managed office coffee supply companies and can provide the same high quality coffees, teas, hot beverages and accessories for far less than the price that many small businesses currently pay. Best of all, online vendors provide a wider range of choices; this can allow small business owners and office managers to customize their break room supplies to better suit the precise tastes of employees and reduce waste.

Benefit #1: Higher Quality Products for Less

By choosing to buy coffee online, companies can often afford to provide higher quality products. Javia, for instance, offers select products from Caribou Coffee, Peet’s, and Starbucks for the same price or less than the rates that many local coffee services charge for no-name coffee deliveries. High quality beverages can help keep employees happy without breaking the corporate bank, making them a wise choice for small businesses on a shoestring budget.

Benefit #2: Improved Moral

Better tasting coffee can translate directly into improved company morale, so purchasing premium coffee from online vending sites is an investment in increased productivity and can be considered a cost-effective employee benefit.

Benefit #3: A Wide Array of Choices

Switching to ordering from stores online, like Javia, makes good financial sense for small businesses that only provide coffee for their employees, but companies can save even more on other beverages and items for the break room as well. Tea selections from well-known brand names like Bigelow and Tazo, include green tea, herbal tea, and even decaffeinated varieties. A selection of cocoa and hot chocolate as well, ranging from basic Swiss Miss varieties to decadent Dove Chocolate brand hot chocolate, are available.

Benefit #4: Hassle-free Coffee and Tea

Purchasing coffee, tea, coffee creamer singles, sugar packets, and other break room necessities online can save time as well as money. Ordering from online sites is easy and convenient, eliminating the hassle of managing a coffee delivery service or purchasing the items individually. Office managers or break room supervisors can order any time, twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, allowing them to manage supplies more proactively and budget time and money effectively.

For most small businesses, time and money are the most important products that can be delivered. Break the coffee delivery service habit, and order online coffee supplies today.

Jessica writes about a wide variety of topics.  She especially enjoys writing about coffee. You can learn more about Online coffee supply at www.javia.com