FINRA Gift Policy Fights Fraudulent Business Practices

FINRA is the acronym for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Although the name sounds governmental, FINRA is actually a private corporation that oversees brokers and markets dealing with stock exchanges. The goal of FINRA is to ensure ethical and fair trading practices throughout the nation. One of the ways FINRA works to meet this goal is through establishing policies around corporate gifts. The main point of the FINRA gift policy is that business related gifts should be under $100 in value.

The reason it is important to monitor corporate gifts is because they can lead to fraudulent behavior. Almost … Read more at Free Business Cards

Steps to Starting a Corporation

Forming a corporation is an important aspect of protecting your company. Although there are some con’s to it as well, the advantage of having company security and protection from legal liability as well as the attractive management structure of a corporation enables individuals to manage and succeed to their full potential.

Forming a corporation takes time, resources and the ability to pay attention to detail. The most important first step is to find a name that you will represent what you are selling. It should reflect what type of corporation you are running and the personality of your businessRead more at Free Business Cards