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Don’t Start a New Business without These 7 Essentials

businessStarting a new business can be thrilling. Sometimes you can get so excited about your new idea that you don’t want to take the time to do the necessary groundwork so that your business will have a solid foundation. Channel your enthusiasm into a few of these more mundane fundamentals of business so that when you begin to bring in customers you’ll be ready to handle anything.

1. Operating Capital – A new business is going to need money. Think about how you want to finance your enterprise before you begin making widgets or booking clients. Whether you use an existing savings account, a business credit card or a traditional small business loan, you need to secure funding first if you want your business to really get off the ground.

2. A Business Plan – Sit down and write out a solid plan for your business. Include plans for expansion and ideas for what to do if things don’t go as you expect. A good business plan is also helpful for securing a small business loan because it shows that you have thought the business through.

3. Plenty of Patience – A new business takes time to begin turning a profit. Quite a few tedious tasks have to be done before you can focus solely on your business, as well. Be ready to fill out plenty of paperwork and be prepared to wait longer than you might expect the orders to come rolling in.


4. Information on State and Federal Tax Laws – Find out what you need to do in order to comply with state and federal tax laws regarding your business. Make sure you know how much sales tax to collect and what kind of tax information you need to provide the government concerning your company.

5. Appropriate Licenses or Permits – Some businesses need special permits or licenses to operate legally. Check local laws to make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork in order so that you don’t have to face fines or other legal problems once your doors open. Be prepared to pay fees or work with an appraiser for some licenses and permits.

6. Product Research – Spend some time researching other businesses that are similar to yours. Find out how much they charge for the same products and services. Think about how you can be competitive in the market you are interested in. You might find that you need to adjust your original business plan. It is better to learn about potential problems in the market before you begin the business so that you can make changes without disrupting relationships with clients.

7. Willingness to be Flexible – No matter how much you research and plan for your business, things will happen that you do not expect. Be ready to roll with the punches and make necessary shifts when you have to so that your business can remain viable. Stick to your business plan as a general blueprint for your company, but allow yourself to make changes when the real world doesn’t follow the script you prepared before the business began operations.

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Team Coaching ~ List of the Most Successful for Business, Relationships, Communication, Investing and Personal Life


Over the past 10 years I have had the privilege of completing 6 years of college and receive as Bachelors of Science in Business and a Masters in Business Administration. While I treasure the experience, my real education did not even begin until I left college.  Why is this? Well, the education I received after college is real world experience, and it is education that continues to help me and my business grow stronger, and more successful every year.  Here are some of the most successful team coaching, business coaching and relationship coaching available today.

Jeffery Combs will be one of the most passionate individuals that you will ever meet.  He is full of success, passion and life.  Jeffery takes a person, finds what is holding them back in a matter of seconds and helps the to find more awareness in their own lives.  Jeffery can be found at GoldenMastermind.com

Del Hargis is a Toastmaster speaker from Utah.  He is not just any Toastmasters speaker.  During the International Toastmasters Competition, Del places 4th amongst 25,000 people.  Hearing him speak will change your life.  He will also help your team achieve the maximum results possible.  Del can be found at DelHargis.com

Personal Success Institute Seminars is the longest running personal development company in the United States.  Since the 70’s they have been helping individuals, teams, businesses, and organizations find a higher level of success.  What is even more amazing is that they do not market or advertise at all.  It is all word of mouth.

Dave Blanchard is the personal friend of Og Mandino.  Og Mandino is the author of ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ one of the most successful business and sales book ever written.  Og passed away a few years back trusted Dave to continue his business.  Now, Dave is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet.  His presences will absolutely blow you away.  He also personally mentors and coaches teams, businesses and those involved in relationships.

What A Business Strategy Consulting Ally Can Do For You

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Investing in Africa has always been known to be a high risk game. A lot of business managers have attempted this feat, but only a handful has been successful in leading their businesses to victory. Most of these successful businesses have thedorakangroup.com to thank for the gains, profits and acclaim they are currently enjoying. Going into a business strategy consulting alliance have certainly made a huge difference in the way their companies have progressed. Without such a steadfast and effective business ally, they might have suffered the fate that the other companies have suffered in the market.

Acquiring the assistance of a business strategy consulting partner can help make investing in Africa more tolerable, manageable and easy. Investing in thedorakangroup.com can be of extreme help to your company because its lengthy experience in the business scene as well as its invaluable know how of all things pertaining to business management and operations can rove to be handy for you in various stages of your business cycle. Your business strategy consulting partner can help you manage and operate your business in the most prudent, efficient and professional means possible.

Having thedorakangroup.com as a business ally will help secure a special and secure niche for your young company in the market. When investing in Africa, you have to make sure that your company is able to be an active and influential player in the world of business. With such a secure and powerful role in the industry, you can rest assured that your business will be progressive and will survive. Your business strategy consulting partner can help you attain security and stability through effective strategies ad ingenious tactics. These will be highly instrumental towards making your business strong despite its youth and recent entry in the market.

Having thedorakagroup.com as your business ally will also help your business expand and advance. The time will surely come when you will have to protect and promote your business’ interests and well being. Investing in Africa calls for business managers to be enterprising and aggressive. Your business strategy consulting partner will help you identify lucrative business ventures and promising investment opportunities which will help increase your company’s potential for greatness. As well, it will train you on efficient resources management and business operations. Your company is sure to belong to the higher ranks in the market soon enough.


Investing in thedorakangroup.com can me your secret weapon in an industry filled with hungry, aggressive competitors who are always up for increasing their own market shares. Investing in Africa calls for business managers to be smart and goal driven in their moves. Going into a synergistic partnership such as this will surely be an advantage for your young company. It will help fast track its trajectory to success and gains and profits will be close at hand. Your business strategy consulting partner will pave the way for a bright and big future for your business.

How The Dora Kan Group Can Help You Attract More Investors To Your Young Company When You Invest In Africa


Every young company in the industry dreams of making it big in a world dominated by larger companies who are always up for further increasing their market share and augmenting their market dominance. With such a scenario, only a handful of young companies are actually able to thrive, survive and succeed in the busy industry. Among these, most have been assisted along the way by investors Africa firms. These firms are eager to help our promising, young companies to attain their business goals. When you invest in Africa, attracting the notice and regard of such firms can prove to be extremely beneficial for your new business. In this regard, the Dora Kan Group can be of extreme help and benefit to you.

In order to gain the trust of these investors Africa firms, a young company must be able to exude a business image communicating great potential, competence, efficiency, purposefulness and flexibility. A new business must be able to offer the prospects of gains and profits to these larger firms so that they will be encouraged to provide support. In this manner, business strategy consulting partners can be highly useful. A business strategy consulting partner can help your business make the right decisions and employ the right moves such that your company is always moving nearer to our short term and long term business goals. Hence, when you invest in Africa, considering entering into such a partnership with the Dora Kan Group in order to equip your company with only the best.

The Dora Kan Group business strategy consulting partner will help your young company enjoy a great headstart in the market. When you invest in Africa, you have to be highly sensitive of the decisions and moves you make which can potentially make or break your business. Investors Africa firms are attracted to young companies that show prudent tact and discernment in all actions. This tells them that the company is always taking on a prudent stance wherein the risks of losses are always minimized while the potential for gains is always maximized. Your business strategy consulting partner will help you make the favorable first moves for your business.

Acquiring the Dora Kan Group business strategy consulting partner will also aid your business with regards to putting your business in the way of lucrative business options and profitable investment opportunities. When you invest in Africa, you need to be able to continuously grow your business and expand your reach. Investors Africa firms favor small companies that are able to do so in the most cost efficient means. At this stage, resources may be limited and the availability of funds may be very crucial to your business’ survival. Your business strategy consulting partner wil help in making sure that your business is able to participate in such opportunities in ways which will help it secure a firm niche in the market.

Investing in the Dora Kan Group business strategy consulting can truly be beneficial and profitable for your new business. With such an experienced, professional and reliable business partner on hand, investors Africa firms will have no trouble investing their trust in you. Hence, when you invest in Africa, scout for the perfect business strategy consulting partner for your company.

How Your Investment In Africa Can Bring About Your Success As An Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurs who are goal driven exert much effort into ensuring that their business continues to be an integral and influential force in the industry. Companies like this enjoy the benefits and advantages of being led and managed by those who are efficient, competent and dependable. You, as a young entrepreneur can learn from these excellent examples. Your African business can stand a chance against such strong and stable competition, so long as it is managed with prudence, effectiveness and strategy. Having an investment in Africa is now made more manageable and rewarding with the entrance of business strategy firms in the market. These business allies have proven themselves capable of leading young, fresh companies towards security, growth and success.

Your African business, no matter how juvenile, can compete actively in a market teeming with larger companies. A business strategy consulting partner can be your guide in traversing the various routes that lead to progress and improvement. Your African business will revel in a synergistic partnership where its best interests are of top priority. You will find that, through the aid of your business strategy consulting partner, having an investment in Africa can actually be lucrative for you. It need not be as daunting, overwhelming and taxing as before. Having a steadfast business partner can assure you of continued development and advancement for your company.


When you have an investment in Africa, you need to be prepared for whatever challenges that the market and your competitors will put upon you. Your business strategy consulting partner is here to help you in securing a stable and secure niche in the industry, such that your role in it is vital and integral. Your African business needs tactics and strategies which are effective, ingenious and effective in order for you to be able to build and establish promising prospects and a substantial client base. The presence of your business strategy consulting partner will allow your company to enjoy being supported by one who is experienced and knowledgeable about the various aspects of market penetration.

Your African business cannot possible survive if it is unable to adapt to the market’s changes and trends. As well, it cannot thrive if it is unable to grow and expand its reach. Your business strategy consulting partner can help you in identifying opportunities and ventures which can play a big role in helping your company grow bigger and better. As well, your business consulting partner can help you in ensuring that the resources available to you are always properly utilized and maximized. In this way, you are assured that the propensity to earn for your company is increased, while the risks for losses are decreased. When you have an investment in Africa, you have to be smart, cautious and calculating.

Having an investment in Africa is now a highly conquerable and manageable feat for young entrepreneurs like you. Your African business can stand high and brave amidst healthy competition when backed by a business partner who is steadfast, dependable and efficient. Your business strategy consulting partner can be your secret weapon in an industry packed with competitors, threats and challenges.

How To Guarantee Your Success In The Business Industry As You Invest In Africa


If you are a business manager in need of professional assistance and guidance with regards to the management of your company, then a global business strategy consulting partner may be exactly what you need. Such a business partner can help you in efficiently managing your company’s resources, maximizing the opportunities it comes across and dutifully leading it onwards to security, growth and success. When you invest in Africa, you have to be aware of the challenges and trials ahead. Your own skills may be sufficient to face and overcome these, but the presence of a dependable and competent business partner will only prove to be highly advantageous to fast track your trajectory to victory.

Investing in a global business strategy consulting partner early on will help safeguard your business’ available assets, as well as ensure its progression and survival. The business sector can sometimes be intolerant of inefficiency and incompetence. Having a business strategy consulting partner with you every step of the way will ensure that the risks your company incurs are lessened and its potential for advancement is increased. Thus, when you invest in Africa, make this crucial investment as well to help make your company become one of the most influential players in the industry later on.

Your business strategy consulting partner, as soon as you invest in Africa, will lend a helping hand in mapping out a course for your company. In this manner, you will be able to plan ahead and devise the necessary strategies to help you realize your business objectives. Your global business strategy consulting partner will be able to aid you as you concoct effective and creative strategies aimed at securing a niche for your business in the market. As well, it will be a handy aid in making sure that these tactics are properly employed and utilized. In order to survive in the business industry, one has to be smart, goal driven and efficient.

When you invest in Africa, you also have to make way for the advancement and growth of your business. You will not be able to survive with complacency and lack of dynamism. Your global business strategy consulting partner will be an invaluable ally as you begin to work on the advancement and development of your business. Due to its relative experience in the business industry, it will be a reliable advisor as you begin to pursue bigger business ventures and better investment opportunities. It will help you manage your resources and funds well. Also, your business partner will guide you in maximizing the opportunities presented to your company, while keeping you safely away from those which can be hindrances to your progress.

Investing in a business strategy consulting firm as soon as you invest in Africa is one of the boldest and most sensible decisions you can ever make for the benefit of your company. The presence of a global business strategy consulting partner in your planning, decision making and implementation processes can be crucial and instrumental to the realization of your short term and long term business objectives. Such an alliance can indeed be instrumental to the advancement of your young company.