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Learn the Secrets to Effective Business Card Design


Creating an attractive business card is an effective and affordable way for small business owners to raise awareness about their services or products. Business card design may seem like an insignificant issue but the truth is, a vibrant design with a memorable message is an proven way to reach potential clients and convince them to make contact. Since the idea is to increase sales, an effective card must combine professionalism and creativity in a way that prompts a potential client to take action. This means sending a message that encourages a customer to pick up the phone and make the call for more information.

Bold colors and interesting graphics are necessary to grab the attention of the target audience. Incorporating the logo in an attractive way promotes brand recognition. The card must be interesting to look at without being so busy the message becomes lost in chaotic imagery. With such limited space to work with, it is important to include only information that is necessary or interesting. There is no room for extra words and fancy fonts that do nothing more than take up valuable space on the card. The message must be legible, so choosing the right colors for the background and print is a critical step in the design process.

Creating an interesting business card design is an effective way to make a great first impression and is one of the most helpful small business marketing tips.

Business owners are encouraged to search online for design tips. With some research and creativity anyone can design an effective card. Resource centers can provide hints for choosing fonts, colors and graphics. Browsing through the various samples will also help the business owner choose effective wording to get the right message across. Investing time in creating an interesting business card design is an affordable way for a small company to market its services and products.

Why Finding Solid Leads Is So Important For the Busy Real Estate Agent


There are a million and one things that a real estate agent has to do to close a deal.  Each sale or requisition represents a mound of paperwork that has to be processed often in duplicate or triplicate.  There are meetings that have to take place and papers to draw up or amend.  The entire process is a very time consuming affair that has to be done exactly right or it could delay the deal by weeks or even months.  Any delay could blow the whole endeavor and be a complete waste of time.  This is why finding a solid lead is so important.

Importance of a Good Lead

Real estate leads are the names and contact information of people who have expressed an interest in either buying or selling a house or piece of property.  Finding good real estate leads is an essential part of the way an agent does business.  In fact, one of the hardest parts of a real estate agent’s job is chasing down and working a lead.  It is not as easy as many make it sound.  Solid real estate leads, however, are expecting to be contacted by a real estate agent.

Complexities an Agent Must Face

Knowing how to get a real estate lead is just as important as knowing how to work it.  As an agent, you will have many things going on at once.  You may have multiple deals working in various stages of development.  You will be looking for places to buy real estate leads, showing house and property to real estate leads, or working on a close.  With all of this going on, there is little time left to develop leads on your own.  This is why knowing how to buy real estate leads is such an important part of the job.

Knowing Leads Are People

Another aspect of being able to close deals quickly is having knowledge of the properties you are working.  People who buy houses can be very fussy.  Something as small as having an outdoor security camera or extra closet space can often be the difference whether a client will buy from you or not.  Unfortunately, houses pass through the agent’s hands so quickly that he or she has to spend time familiarizing themselves with every aspect of the properties as well as knowing what the clients are looking for.  With this kind of time-consuming preparation, it is important to find companies that know how to generate solid real estate leads for agents.

Marketing Real Estate Through Email


This principle must be one of the ideas that real estate marketers and sales agents seem to ignore frequently.   It is an incredibly important part of the sales cycle that is extremely vital and should be checked with a a lot of  frequency. If you do not focus on this part of your marketing strategy, you are dismissing huge piles of commissions on the table, an easy mark for any other sales pro to jump on.  So, what I am emphasizing here is being in contact with former customers that you have already had closings with; these would be considered exclusive real estate leads.

This is an usual mistake by a lot of sales professionals, especially in the real estate world because most agents think that once the deal is done, the prospect is of little use to them.  This is a huge marketing error and in this block of instruction, I am going to inform you how to use the Internet and technological marketing techniques to stay in touch with your contacts, and allow you to pile up more of them while increasing sales and gaining more clients.

Most marketing experts say that if you are going to make it as a sales pro, then you should market back to your prospects and allow them to hear from you on average 7 to 13 times a year.  Direct mail could be be the most successful tool if you know how to do it right.  Sending announcement cards, Thanksgiving Day cards, festival cards or any other special occasion you can use to connect or contact with your clients and former customers is a marvelous method to remind them that you are there for them.

There are several reasons for doing these marketing tasks: More prospects, more listings and more commissions and sales!

You can also use email software to keep in constant contact with your clients.  Email use remains one of the cheapest ways to market to clients you have already done deals with.  Currently, the mortgage brokers are dishing up lower interest rates, not just in the areas of selling homes, but also refinancing them as well. An  informative and concise electronic newsletter could easily broadcast to your previous clients of this awesome investment vehicle.

Since email is still extremely inexpensive, you can send them a concise message every other week or so telling them about serious real estate news bulletins.  So,to drive in the point, the number of times you could contact them through the use of email is 52 times.  Any other holiday besides Christmas should be considered fair game.  The reason you might ignore the Christmas holiday is because your mailing list will get too much mail anyway, therefore your message will without a doubt be ignored.

However, you may possibly send out cards for just about any situation you can think of.  So, you may want to add at least another six to twelve times to that original figure.  Also, you could send a note someplace around twice a year just to say “Howdy”.  Let’s not forget Facebook and Twitter and other ways of contacting or getting a hold of them.  So, put all of the pieces together, you could have contacted them somewhere around sixty to seventy times during the duration of year and this will be a great help to your real estate marketing!

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