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Four Mistakes to Avoid When Using Vinyl Banners for Advertising Job Openings


It is possible to use vinyl banners for advertising job openings. There are some individual employers, as well as recruitment agencies, which often use the banners for that purpose. The banners are either used exclusively, or as supplementary advertisement forums for job vacancies posted elsewhere (online, in print media publications and so on). The banners are sometimes used to advertise ‘common/low-cadre’ roles for which many people are required within a short time frame. Alternatively, they are used to advertise high-cadre/specialized roles which can only be performed by a few people who are hard to locate. To the extent that the messages borne in the banners can reach many people fast, the banners become ideal for recruitment in roles where huge numbers of people are required urgently. And to the extent that the banner messages can reach many people, the probability of getting at least one suitable person — in cases where highly specialized and ‘rare’ people are required to fill positions — is raised.
There are, nonetheless, four mistakes to avoid when using vinyl banners for advertising job openings:

The ‘verbosity’ mistake. This is where, for instance, we see employers attempting to give full job descriptions on banners. It can’t work. The best you can do is make it clear that you are looking for people to fill such and such a position, and then provide a link (a website address or a telephone number) the people seeing the ad can use to clarify details. Remember, most people are averse to reading, and if your ad seems too verbose, they will simply ignore it. Now you could argue that such people who hate reading are not folks you’d love to work with. But you have to remember that repelling them at this very preliminary stage puts you at a risk of missing out on potentially talented employees. That is because it doesn’t automatically follow that a person who hates reading verbose ad messages would necessarily be a lazy person in all other respects.

The ‘sternness’ mistake. If your job advert sounds curt, there are many people who will refrain from applying for the post being advertised (or otherwise showing interest in the position). Simply put, in spite of the need for brevity in these sorts of ads, it is important to ensure that they nonetheless come across as friendly – which would depict you as an attractive employer. Otherwise if you sound curt, only the most desperate of job seekers will express interest – and these may not always turn out to be the best workers; their desperation notwithstanding.

The ‘misplacement’ mistake. If you are to achieve the recruitment objectives you are keen on, you need to display your vinyl banner job adverts where they can be seen. Don’t deploy the ads on paths where only a trickle of people passes, and then expect to get an avalanche of applications.

The ‘presumption’ mistake. This is where, on account of the fact that you are advertising job vacancies (which many people are undoubtedly likely to be in search of), you take things for granted, and ignore the well-established principles of advertising. We may be looking at situations where, for instance, you don’t feel inclined to use eye-catching designs – out of the assumption that yours being job adverts, people will automatically be drawn to them. But things don’t work that way. When you advertise job vacancies, you are in need (of human resource), just like the prospective applicants are in need of work. It is upon you, then, to court them: through attractive designs and courteous words, among other things – if at all you are to get the best talent.

Franchise Bankruptcy – What if the Franchisor Declares Bankruptcy


One of the first questions that many franchisees will have when the franchisor goes into bankruptcy is “Can I keep running my business?” The answer to this is a resounding yes. When a franchisor declares bankruptcy they lose all the rights they have to their name and brand. This means they have no legal grounds on which to try and prevent you from using the name in your business. However, you need to make sure that you want to use the brand name for your business. People may associate your franchise with the bankruptcy and stop from visiting your business.

If you have specific questions about what happens when a franchisor declares bankruptcy, contact a Hawaii bankruptcy attorney at 1330 Ala Moana Boulevard #202, Honolulu, HI 96814 (808) 554-0104. They can give you details on what will happen with your particular franchise in the event of bankruptcy.

In a typical Hawaii bankruptcy you should immediately cease sending royalty payments to the franchisor. Once the bankruptcy was declared, the franchise agreement immediately became null and void. After the agreement is voided, there’s no reason to keep sending your hard earned money to a failed company! You may end up needing every penny to try and avoid the negative press that may come with being part of a bankrupt franchise.

You may also want to contact some owners of other franchises in the area to see how they have been affected by the bankruptcy. By partnering together (even if it is an unofficial partnership) you can help each other to weather the storm and make sure that your individual businesses are not harmed by the bankruptcy of the parent franchise. Try to avoid the negative publicity that comes with the bankruptcy of the franchisor. You need to do everything possible to make sure you are not dragged down by the parent company’s problems.

Use The Web In Business


It is very important that you learn to use the web in your business. The Internet has long been considered critical to business operations. Today, it is virtually impossible to succeed without web technology. There are a number of different ways that you can use this medium in your business. Finding ways to advertise, market, and publicize is very important to the expansion of your company. Technology is there to help you, like online grammar checking tools like the Grammarly Scam tool.

There are specific tools that use web technology and can result in expansion. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the Internet. Researching the most successful techniques for businesses in your field can prove helpful. This is a good way to get the most out of web technology. At the same time, you can improve your overall profits.

Articles about your field

You will discover that there are many ways to use web technology in your business. One of the primary goals for any business is to rank high on search engines. This is a terrific way to ensure that visitors to find your site. Articles written about various topics can be used to steer traffic to you. These articles are placed in different places online. They can describe your field or individual products, while they work for you.

Blogs demonstrating products

Blogs are some of the most creative uses of web technology. Many businesses have blogs incorporated onto their sites. Others have writers who regularly write posts about them and their products (see the Grammarly site scam for more details) . Both of these options are useful to directing visitors to your site. Links are instrumental to this process. Blogs that have a lot of followers are being used in this vain daily.

Links to web stores

Links can be used in a number of different types of content. These links can send visitors to your website. They can also be used strategically to lead to web stores. This is a great option for increasing profits.

Online postcard printing – Step By Step Procedure


Online postcard printing also follows the same printing process. They too print the cards in a digital printer or in an offset printing press. The difference lies in the way you design and place orders. First search the internet and decide which website suits you the best. Then come the designing and ordering process which include the following steps.

Selection of a design: Have you logged in the website chosen by you? Can you see the hundreds and hundreds of templates displayed? Do you want premade cards? Then you can directly place orders.

If you want to customize your cards, then you can very well do so. You can change the color; the content, headline etc. make use of the designing tools to make your job of customization easier. You can add a photo, add a message to suit your company, and you can make as many changes as you want. The cost of the customized cards is slightly more than the readymade cards.

Have you finalized the design? Are you fully satisfied? If yes, you can proceed to upload the design. The online printing company on receipt of the order will work on it and will upload a sample in return.

Now you must closely proofread the sample. Do you like what you see? Then go on to the next step.

Give instructions on how many cards you need and where you want them to be sent etc.

The websites gives a list of payment options. Choose one which suits you. Make the payment and get ready to receive the cards at your door.

Most of the websites reduces your work further by mailing the cards on your behalf. All you have to do is to send the list of customers and prospective customers to whom you want the cards to be sent.

It is so easy and so convenient. You need not hesitate any more. They are fully reliant too.

Guide to starting a small business


There are many benefits to starting your own business.  Starting a business is always a rewarding experience, whether you fail or succeed.  There are many risks in the business world.  If you don’t have a lot of business experience and don’t want to risk losing a huge investment, you might want to consider buying a franchise.  The benefits of owning a franchise are many.  You will be under an umbrella brand name that is instantly recognized and you will get assistance from the Franchisor. If you don’t want to go that route, you can always start your business small from the comfort of your home and then branch out when it begins to outgrow your home.  Here are some things you should think about when starting a new business.

What do you want to sell, product or service?

What will your business sell?  This is a matter of finding the right business for your qualifications, skills, and abilities.  Are you skilled in management and know how to promote products?  Maybe you will succeed in a business that is retail sales oriented.  Are you a professional in any specific service? Maybe you should focus on marketing a specific service.  Find out exactly what it is your business will do and start defining your goals.  The next step is to decide whether or not there is a demand for the business you have in mind.

Evaluate the demand for what you have to offer

Do some market research to find out if there is a demand for the goods or services you want to offer.  Without a demand, it makes no sense to supply.  When there is a demand for your goods or services, the next thing you have to ask yourself is if those service and products are the best for your business or not.  From here you can either choose to go with what you got, or go back and compare various options against each other and choose the one with the highest demand and least competition.  The best way to start a small business is to weigh all your options, carefully choosing the one that is most profitable.

Communication Channels


Communication Channels

By: Brandon Clark

October 18, 2010

Communication Channels

Communication is the biggest factor for any organization to be successful. Communication comes in different forms and it is vital that each organization finds the proper tools necessary to communicate suitably. No matter what type of organization one examines, communication will be the key to success. This paper will examine the communication channels of three different organizations and how they are the same, and also taking a look at their differences. Communication is of the utmost importance and it is vital that each employee understands the communication channels to the fullest.

There are various types of communication in an organization.  Some of the types of communication may include; snail mail, e-mail, Skype, fax, and the telephone.  In today’s times we live in such a fast paced world that we would rather have our important documents or letters sent to us through e-mail, which ensures that we receive such items fast and in a timely manner. However, regular mail may be replaced by the term snail mail.  Snail mail is, in fact, mail which one would receive at the post office.  Sometimes though, when it comes to snail mail we take the risk factor of having important documents sent to the wrong address or being lost altogether. However, organizations may need the original documents, and this may be a preferred method of giving and receiving information.  Skype is a form of communication that people can use to do video conferences straight from their computer.  This way of communicating may connect people from different cities, states, or countries. The goal of the Skype Channel Partner Program is to establish a qualified network of channel partners in the United States that can assist companies interested in using Skype to improve their productivity and optimize their communication costs (Skype, 2010). Also, using a fax machine is also another way of communication that ensures that we received needed documents in a timely matter. The telephone is another great form of communication, although it may not always be secure a person is still able to gather information through direct sources.

Sports Fan Treasures

There are different forms of communication and for an Internet business like Sports Fan Treasures those different forms are used on a daily basis. The main form of communication that is used is e-mail. E-mail is the quickest and easiest form of communication that allows the employees to go about their jobs without being distracted. Another form of communication that is easy for the employees to use is a chat software called Skype. Skype allows the employees to make phone calls over the Internet or simply chat back and forth over the Internet through the software. These are the two main forms of communication that are used daily with Sports Fan Treasures. Without these forms of communication, the productivity level would drop a great deal. Fast communication is vital to the overall success of the organization and it is imperative that the employees take full advantage over it.

Allstate Insurance

Allstate Insurance Company uses many channels of communication.  E-mail is the most important as it connects the company from coast to coast.  It also reaches out to a technical support facility in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Teleconferencing and video conferences help to convey standard processes information across the company, which increases efficiency of the work done in all areas.  The company intranet is used for self-service human resources, company, and benefits information.  A social networking site on the company intranet allows a forum for sharing opinions and allows employees to get to know one another and network. The agents are the sales force for Allstate.  They are not employees however; they have their own network for claims, office equipment, supplies, and forms.  Sales are also made via the Internet and call centers.  As a financial institution and insurance company, Allstate has to be prepared for natural disasters and data recovery.  In 2010, Allstate participated in the first telecommuting test for the region through with an organization called named ChicagoFIRST.  Several area firms were involved and each department was assigned a percentage of staff to work at home on a pre-determined day. It was meant to test the infrastructure in the area if working at home was how business needed to be done for a period of time (ChicagoFIRST, 2010). According to ChicagoFIRST (2010), “Based on the success and positive feedback from members for this first-of-its-kind test, we plan to make this an annual event, increasing participation and evaluating performance over time” (Para. 14).


CMH is a nonprofit hospital that is in the restructuring stage of becoming a Shared Governance. This is a professional practice model in which the nursing staff and the nursing management are both involved in decision-making, as opposed to the administrative decision area being controlled by management. It is a structured model through which nurses can express and manage their practice with a higher level of professional autonomy. The channels of communication reflect the change of command; they run up and down the organizational chart, moving from one level of authority to the next. The nurse manager communicates concerns and information to the assistant administrator, then they have the authority and responsibility to deal with the problem or they relay the concerns to the staff nurse. If the staff nurse doesn’t have the authority to deal with the issue, then the staff nurse reports to the head nurse or clinical manager, who in turn reports to the RN whom gives direction to the practical nurse and the nursing assistant.

CMH has council members that are voted in by the employees, they have council meetings to discuss different things. The councils are broken down into having a president, vice presidents of Quality Assurance, Marketing, and Finance. The vice president of quality assurance  communicates to the Patient Services Quality Assurance, the vice-president of marketing communicates with planning and marketing, and the vice-president of finance communicates with financial services. The vice-president of the hospital communicates with the hospital and the C.E.O., Director of Patient Care Services, the vice-president of Long Term Care and Home-Health Care communicates with the administrator, the president, and the Director of Geriatric Services Development.

For an organization to be successful, it must have communication (Adnan, 1974). Communication is needed to ensure growth and survival of an organization. The binding creates internal stability and control; this promotes growth within the organization and goal attainment (Adnan, 1974). Organizational behavior is a component of everyone that works in an organization; an employee is a sub-system of a department. The department is a sub-system of a division and the division is a sub-system of the industry, the local community, and society. The sub-system is important because it derives from the constant interaction with the other sub-systems and with the larger system. If changes occur in the sub-systems it affects the other sub-systems and affects the operation of one or more of the sub-systems (Adnan, 1974). Communications in the system is crucial; it is needed for an organization to run smoothly. It requires interrelationships among parts to constitute a whole. Communication is the binder that integrates all the subsystems that create internal stability. The sub-systems are the network of a system that links all the total systems together; this enables the systems to adapt and cope with changes (Adnan, 1974).

External environments influence communication, competitors, customers, government and supplies present the system with opportunities, some changes could throw the system off balance, it needs an adaptive mechanism. The maintenance mechanism serves to maintain internal equilibrium; the adaptive mechanism enables the system to detect environmental changes. The adaptive system depends on the efficiency of the communications systems (Adnan, 1974). Organizations are made of closed and open systems; the closed system is self-contained and has little contact with the environment, an open system has lots of contact with the environment (Adnan, 1974). Gender and cultural differences can affect communication between coworkers, managers, patients, families, and caregivers. Cultural differences can affect communication in nonverbal, verbal communications and written communications (Adnan, 1974).

Effective communication in the health care organization can be hampered by a number of barriers. Discussion about patients is often conducted in a busy environment, instructions sometimes is communicated over the phone rather than in person. The formality of issuing official notices regarding company information could use some streamlining but as mentioned earlier because it is a publicly owned company and ultimately answer to stockholders, the red tape may be a necessary component in corporate communication.

Recommendations  for effective communications would be to survey the internal users and external users on ease of use of the systems, and their satisfaction in getting answers and work accomplished.  Based on the results system changes can be made as the systems are upgraded on a regular basis. The participation with the ChicagoFIRST program should continue as it will help in developing new procedures as they become necessary and will keep the company prepared. Other ways of accomplishing this is by a briefing technique, Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendations (S Bar). This is a way to improve communication between health care providers.

Communication is defined as a process by which we assign and convey meaning in an attempt to create shared understanding. This process requires a vast repertoire of skills in intrapersonal and interpersonal processing, listening, observing, speaking, questioning, analyzing, and evaluating (Office of Superintendent of Public Instructions, 2010). Communication is vital to the success of any organization and it is imperative that each employee understands the process fully. Without the proper communication process in place, success will be a difficult challenge. The communication process will evolve over time, but it is important to always have the process as the key to success.




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Brandon is a junior in college studying in the health care industry field. He already has one degree in Pharmacy Practice and is studying for his second one in Health care information systems. He is the owner of a Four Wheel Drive Lift Kits website that sells Tuff Country Lift Kits. He enjoys school and working on his site, but he does enjoy relaxing more.