Improve Sales Performance: Finding a Good Starting Point for Gains

A good business will look for ways to improve sales performance even if it is doing well. The employees will hear about many ways to do this. Some of these ways are obviously hatched in the minds of corporate executives because they would not work in the real world. This is not the case with business process documentation.

The idea behind business process documentation is simple. The employees involved in the value chain of the business can make sure each employee is following company procedures. A salesman who forgets to mention something like an extended warranty, for example, may just … Read more at Free Business Cards

A Basic Business Proposal Template Structure For Any RFP

A good business proposal template has two major sections. The first is the executive summary and the second is your supporting data. This basic structure is essential for making sure that your proposal is going to promote the approach you are proposing and answer all the questions your customer had in their request for proposal (RFP).

The executive summary provides accurate details about the benefits of your company’s approach. It should detail how you would be able to deliver the profitable business ideas your customer set out in their RFP. Make sure that this section highlights answers to … Read more at Free Business Cards