A Basic Business Proposal Template Structure For Any RFP

A good business proposal template has two major sections. The first is the executive summary and the second is your supporting data. This basic structure is essential for making sure that your proposal is going to promote the approach you are proposing and answer all the questions your customer had in their request for proposal (RFP).


The executive summary provides accurate details about the benefits of your company’s approach. It should detail how you would be able to deliver the profitable business ideas your customer set out in their RFP. Make sure that this section highlights answers to any of the major questions they had previously stated in the RFP. Remember that many customers will want to compare the various proposals so having a good quality synopsis in your summary is an excellent way of ensuring your proposal is comparatively better than your competition.

The remaining sections are all considered supporting information. They provide all the in-depth detail about who actually complete the work, what sort of management techniques to be used to direct your workers, the breakdown of work duties, initial cost estimates, where delivery will actually occur, production methods, initial action plans, milestones, reporting techniques and payment expectations. Additional sections may also be added.

As you can imagine, this supporting information can become quite bulky. You should however still try to keep it concise and really reference any bulky data that you can include as part of an appendix. This is especially useful for data relating to budgetary costs, action plans, etc.

Finally, review your business proposal template repeatedly. The evaluation criteria in your RFP will set out the basic scoring system you should use. Always make sure that customer needs are being highlighted, especially in the executive summary. Try to cut out as much extraneous information which does not contribute to the benefits you want to highlight.

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